spoon by Image!

  ≈ SPOON ≈ Final Version                                         ^iMAGE!
  First demo ever in Windows

  Hehe.. haven't you got tired of reseting your pc because all demos need
  many memory settings? We made a demo with nasty memory settings last time
  but we think that we acted stupid by releasing it with so much memory
  problems.. Spoon is plain Realmode. So place Qemm/Emm/Himem or whatever you
  like and it will probably run. or Maybe?

  Anyway Never loose

                                                   Release production
                                                             to early

  For music you need a Gus (why did I bothered telling he?), just plain 256kb
  of memory. No much more is needed. Optimum pleasure 486 dx.

  Tested on a 486dx4 100, 486sx 20, Pentium and 486dx2 66 and worked 
  perfectly. But then the final test came, and yes our demo hanged at the 
  Just after the credits, it stopped, and that was the end. We don't have
  any idea what it could have been, or maybe that it was a division by zero.
  (vgacard used was 120hz, and the table used in credits parts was done for
  70hz videocards).  That should be fixed now, lets hope there are no other
  fuckups. Sorry, for not releasing a patch, but this was released at SIH.

  Now have a good laugh with our simple routines.

  just for the record :

  PRODIGAL.ZIP - 1994 - Our intro which never made it to the
                        world charts
  2UNLIMIT.ZIP - 1994 - A S3M-remix of some Dutch Ravegroup      <Dark Justice>
  DSGV1   .ZIP - 1995 - A textviewer containing an extensive
  DSGV2   .ZIP          overview of the Dutch scene
  IMG_ANCR.ZIP - 1995 - A dull demo with even worse code.
  VAGUE   .ZIP - 1995 - Vague Spheres music for X95              <Dark Justice>
  IMG_WELL.ZIP - 1995 - Getwello ... Intro for our Coder
  IMG_SKUL.ZIP - 1995 - Skull picture (640x480x16)               <Unique>
  IMG_SPOO.ZIP - 1995 - Spoon Demo for SIH95  **** BUG Version ****
  BRILIANT.ZIP - 1995 - Briliant S3M by The Peric/iMAGE!/Destiny
  SPOONFIN.ZIP - 1995 - Spoon Demo from SIH95 bugfixed version.

  Getwello was released 1 day before SIH, much better than this.. Wonderfull
  music, great graphics, awesome design, too many writers. Check it out!

  Send Quicksilver or Unique your latest production and we will send you
  a registered copy of our S3M2IMF converter :)     (adres is in image!.nfo)
  Remember to vote at DSG chart for SIH charts.

   See ya at .. Q-zar Lasergames Valkenburg? -Topgun is too easy

-- Released 1 day after Getwello

   Because we ran out of time (=lazy), but still like to greet some people we
   met at SIH95, we do it here:

   Butterfly/Massive (thanks for lending your pentium at SIH for bugfixing)
   Destiny (sorry guys, hadn't any time left to draw and include your name.)
   Hammer (not at SIH, but I hope you read this anyway..
           Sure about your decision?. The talent was (is) with you)
   Rogue/Logic Design
   Mr.M/TKB (thanks a lott for helping us finishing that hand-picture)
   The Kip Brigade

   Thanks to Phalanger/AGoNY for loader.
   Thanks to Nix/Massive for donating timerroutine.

Ps : Niro/Cryonics BBS please send us your snailmail addres.. So we can
     send our productions too.