Euskal Party 5 Invitation Demo by Network [web]

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                      - EUSKAL PARTY 5 - INVITATION DEMO -

  He,  he..  enjoy this little piece of art...  :) When the organizer of the
party  told  us  about  the  posibility to do an 'intro invitation' we said:
'yes,  why  not?',  but  when we start the idea to do the intro...  Wind did
some  nice  routines  like  the bump mapping...  he decided to use it in the
intro  invitation  and  we also planned to use some old ideas we had for our
cancelled  pack  mag  Just!.   The  idea  consisted  in use the bump to do a
selection panel..  I think this is a great and nice idea and maybe the first
one in the scene!  so, don't imitate us...  don't imitate, innovate!  :)))

  We  work in more ideas^routines and finally, step by step, when we saw the
result  of  the  supposed  'intro' we discovered that this was a really nice
dentro  with  an  great  result...  so, this is something more than a simple
intro  invitation...   we're sure that in the future, after the party, there
will be people that will see the invitation demo like a 'normal' demo...

  In  first  menu, use the mouse buttons to select your language...  english
is  prefearable...   ;)  and  after the rotozoomer when you see the light in
your  screen..   surprise!   use  the  mouse to move the like and select the
option  in  the  bump  menu!!  I hope you'll like it...  it's really nice to
move the light over a bump...

  Before  the selection, just use the right arrow to scroll the text and the
left  arrow to back to the menu, and also enjoy the nice dithered rotozoomer
in the background...  ;)  Use the right button in the meny to exit...

  And  this  is  all..  this is the result of some hard weeks of really hard
work  to  do this before the party, and now we must finish our demo for this
party..  so, you'll have more prods from Network soon!  the demo will be out
in  this party and we'll work in another demo for The Party 7...  of course,
we  are  looking for more talented and active coders and graphicians to work
with  us  and  to  be  the  best  soon!   ;)  The  authors of this different
invitation demo are:

                  c o d e  ...................... w i n d

                  g f x   &   d e s i g n ... l e u n a m

                  r a y t r a c i n g ....... l a p o l a

                  m u s i c ................. w e i r d o

                  e n d   l o g o ....... z a a c / s d m

  This was optimised for a Blizzard IV 030/50...  this required at least 8Mb
of  Fast  Ram...   due  to  some  problems  with the deadline to release the
invitation  demo  we haven't the time to fix it for 4Mb of fast...  sorry...
anyway  if  you  haven't  more  than  4Mb Fast, then buy more ram instead of
buying pirate cds...  ;) We did not test it in other accelerator boards like
M-Tech  or  on slower cards...(anyways,i (wind) think that if you want stuff
for  slower  cards, then get my next a500 1mb 68000 nofastmem noaga intro :)
If  you  have  a  040,  don't  forget  to  do  off the cache due to replayer
problems...  If it does not run on your wb, then try without him.  Sorry for
these  little bugs.  If you want contact with us for joining or other whises
or just for support TRASHCAN DISKMAGAZINE ...  try this:

                               Manuel Sanchez
                               leon XIII 5-3C
                               41009  sevilla


  If  you  want  contact  with  us  for  swap  or  other  reasons,  see  the
'Stuff4Mags' directory in this lha and of course spread it...

  The  full  information  of the party are too in a txt version...  so, feel
free  to  spread  to  all  your  friends  to visit this great party event in
summer, in one of the most spanish cities...

  Greetings  to  all  our  contacts  in  the scene, all Trashcan readers and
specially to Goblins, the organizer group of the Euskal Party 5.

                     another Network release in 1997 ...
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            |_            _|_     [÷] .N.E.T.W.O.R.K. [÷]
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