meetro 1.3 by Success PC [web]

The route:

How to get there:

Take the train to utrecht central station.
Then take bus 7 heading for Zuilen.
Get out at the humberdreef.
When you get out, cross the lawn untill the houses.
Turn left untill you see another grassfield.
Turn right and go straight ahead. then you will see it on your left.

If you come by car:

Drive towards Utrecht-overvecht.
take the A2, direction Amsterdam-Maarssen.
Drive on the N230, Zuilense ring to Karl Marxdreef.
Turn left at the Henri Dunantplein and you are at the party.

You can also call for a better description.

Next party data:
10 april
 8 may
12 june

For additional info you can call: 030-614845 in Holland.
You can only call fridays between 2000-0100 pm!!!!

The excuses:

This thing was knocked up in 2 days, so it was a real quicky...don't expect
too much from this intro.....but expect alot from THE! MEETING !!!
Sorry for only the GUS-support, I (Scout) couldn't find a decent SB routy

A real BIG thank you goes to Vivian/Hypnosis for giving me the music.

The credits:

'Code'        : Scout
Text & Grafix : Tim
Music         : Shades/Hypnosis