ST Connexion Unreleased Demoscreens by ST Connexion

(P) 1988-90 by the ST Connexion.

Frontierless greetings from the
ST Connexion international team: Alien
(England), Belzebub, Marlon (France),
Krazy Rex (France/Brazil), Vantage
(Denmark), Mordor (France/Germany) and
2Stein (Germany).

Sorry for not turning our beautiful
DREAM (DEMO) into a virtual reality.
Anyway, we had much fun on the ST, and
we enjoyed meeting so many cool people.

Half of the ST Connexion team (Belzebub,
Mordor and 2Stein) left the ST scene
some time ago, but this summer the other
half will probably (try to) write our
last demo, with great contributions by
some of the best French demo-writers:
OVR, Legacy, Naos, VGT and MCoder.

Yeah, the ST Connexion will also visit
eastern Europe during the summer
holidays, so watch out for our lousy
postcards (these are much easier to
write than demos, however)!

The demos you'll find here can be spread
and used in any compilation. They won't
be part of any megademo. Our most
innovative productions were made in 1989
for the Dream Demo. Try the folder
"DREAM.89". Unfortunately, three other
nice Dream Demo screens (two of them by
Belzebub and one by Marlon) are missing
in action, buried in Belzebub's disk-

We dropped our Dream Demo project in
1990 because of its tremendous delay :
the main menu (kind of "Goldrunner" we
started coding at the end of 1989 in
fullscreen + joystick-controlled
scrolling) simply took too much time to
complete, as we also wanted to include
a 16khz Amiga soundtrack in it. 

WARNING - The ST Connexion address has
changed. If you want to have a little
chat with us, feel free to contact KRX
at the following address:

Patrick Raynaud
64, avenue Clarisse
F-92420 Vaucresson

Please, do not send free/share/soft/
whateverware (unless for special
reasons), this is not a demo-swapping
contact address. In the other hand,
letters from new talents or people who
are involved in computer-generated
graphics are welcome!

Regards to everyone out there!

ST Cnx (guess who), March'92.