Echoes of the Past by Nostalgia [web]

Nostalgia Info v1.00, 31 May/24,28 July 1994, (C) 1994 JAL/Nostalgia
Hi everyone,

Here, on request of many people, some info about the Dutch demo group

1) Foundation

Nostalgia was founded in March '94 by three guys with the goal to bundle their
skills and knowledge to form a demo group. By that time we didn't have a name
yet, simply because we wanted to *make* something before announcing to everyone
'hey, look, we're a bunch o' cool dudes, we're in a group', something that,
alas, happens far too often nowadays. We decided we would split up quietly as
soon as was clear we wouldn't be able to produce anything of some quality.

By that time, the group existed of three people: JAL (coder, that's me), SuaVe
(coder) and The REW (musician). The name of the group, Nostalgia, was made up a
few weeks later by The REW, after a song of a band he particularly likes,
called IQ.

Around the same time we came up with a name, we negotiated with another
programmer called The Phantom (no, not Phantom Design, The Fantom or Fantom!)
because we were particularly stunned by his 3D texturemapped stuff he spread
all over BBSes in the Netherlands. He joined the group some two weeks later.

By some amazing coinsidence, all four of us were students at the Hogeschool
Utrecht, studying informatics, at that time, although we didn't all really know
each other.

2) Echoes of the Past

When we heared there was going to be a demo contest at the BiZARRE! '94 Party
in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, in May, we decided to join hands (as a group is
suposed to do) to make a demo to compete in the contest. I came up with the
name 'Echoes of the Past', since we weren't going to put entirely new stuff in
it (due to lack of experience - we all have to start somewhere), and 'Past'
nicely combines with 'Nostalgia', and that name was excepted. The demo was
finished 24 hours prior to the deadline at the Party (i.e. SuaVe and I
programmed a mere 24 hours in one go, from 11:00 Saturday morning till 11:00
Sunday morning), and although still a little buggy, it won the demo contest,
earning us 600 guilders.

The demo wasn't released at the Bizarre! Party because of the 'unstable nature'
the product had by then (not to mention the fact that it consisted of 15 files
of which 5 were EXE files). We worked (some weeks harder than others - it's
been a hot summer so far, only lame guys spend time behind their computers all
day when it's 30øC (85øF)) a few months to get it really finished - fix all
bugs, encrypt data files so lamers don't get a chance to put their name in
(believe me, that's exactly what happend with the original version after some
'friends' got it), and put it all in one big EXE file, as well as add some
parts which weren't finished at BiZARRE! yet like some 3D stuff and a movie

Special thanx go to Lone Ranger of AcmE, who helped us out by lending us his
music system because we hadn't had time to create our own. Lone Ranger rulez!
The final version of Echoes also uses Lone Ranger's music system, freely
donated to us and with many support from him - the Dutch demo scene might not
be the greatest scene around, but those who are there rule pretty damn well!

At that same BiZARRE! Party, The REW won the third prize in the music compo. He
is now competing in several off-party music competitions.

4) Nostalgia Satellite Crew

The Nostalgia Satellite Crew is a group of people who are not members of
Nostalgia but are helping us out now and then. For example, the Nostalgia logo
that starts the Echoes demo is created by Mr. Freeez, the music system is from
Lone Ranger and in the future some music will be done by the Black Hand.

5) Future Products

At the moment we are celebrating our holidays and the marvelous wheather. When
finished, we will create a demo that we hope is going to compete at the Party
'94. Also, we plan to release some intro's with new effects that do not fit
within the concept of that demo and a BBS intro for our WHQ Tweety's Cage. The
REW is a very talented artist, and quite productive. When we finish our GUS
player we will release some music disks with his music. Meanwhile we will
spread his latest modules around our distribution sites.

6) Offical Nostalgia Member List

Handle:       Pron.: *)   Name:               Age:    Residence:

JAL           d3‘l        Kilian Hekhuis      21      Zwolle
The Phantom   f‘nt(e)m    Jacco Bikker        21      Nieuwegein
The REW       ruw    **)  Richard Winkel      20      Amersfoort
SuaVe         swa:vei     Pettrie de Bondt    21      Leusden

*) I would've liked including pronounciations of our handles, but since this
doc is supposed to float the world, I cannot give a one-spelling-fits-all, and
phonetic writing is not available in ASCII. However, I've tried to come as
close as possible to the phonetic alphabet used in the Oxford Dictionary of
Current English (which is in fact the world wide standard).

**) The REW himself keeps insisting that his handle is pronounced 'rew', but
since everybody pronounces it 'ruw' I gave that pronounciation. This is under
heavy protest of The REW though (as I was forced by him to write down :-)).

7) Joining Nostalgia / Graphics Artists Wanted!

At the moment Nostalgia does not need any new members. However, we *do* need
graphics artist for our next demo. So, if you are a graphics artist, and you
want to become a member of our Satellite Crew (see 4)), contact us! If you are
*really* good, maybe we want you as a member (meaning an equal share of the
prize money :-)). How to contact us? See 8).

8) Contacting Nostalgia

You can contact us by a number of ways. Firstly, we have e-mail. We'll probably
get our own e-mail address very soon, but for the moment you'll have to do with
my personal number (probably valid until September '94):


Also, you can contact us via snail-mail:

  p/a K.P.V. Hekhuis
  Waterhoen 5
  3831 HT Leusden

And, of course, you can reach us via our WHQ Tweety's Cage, see 9). Our mail
address there is 'Nostalgia'.

9) Distribution Sites

At the moment, we have the following official distribution sites:

Name of BBS:      Telephone Number:         Status:

Tweety's Cage     +31-3445-2049             World Headquarters
Blue Steel        +31-20-6403972
Lunatic Asylum    +31-85-233120
MegaVolt II       +31-30-722768
Genesis BBS       +32-2-2453498 (5 nodes)   European Headquarters
Pointbreak        +32-11-436925 (6 nodes)
The Firm BBS      +49-40-6482146 (node 1)
                  +49-40-6474724 (node 2)

10) That's It...

As the title of this paragraph says, that's about it. No doubt there will be a
revision soon (at least our ages keep changing :-)), and this document probably
contains a number of tipoes, but overall it's not that bad - I hope.

JAL / Nostalgia