We own your language by HyperCube [web]

Û ßÜ     Üß Û      H y p e r C u b e
Û   ÛßßßÛ   Û    ÄÄÄÄÄÄpresentsÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ
Û   ÛÜÜÜÛ   Û    We own your language!
Û Üß     ßÜ Û    
 Remedy 2003

We go without sleep so you can demo all night long.
and we really do own your language.

We own your language was made with the Theresa demo engine, developed
by us but free for anyone to use. you can find it on its project page:

We own your language was developed simultaneously on both Windows and
Mac OS X, thanks to Theresa. we use the same client source files and the
same data set, no macros or special cases. just compile and run.

We own your language is released simultaneously on both platforms.
whatever your religion, enjoy HyperCube.

We own your language requires one of the following:

Pentium II or better processor
OpenGL-capable video card
sound card
Windows 95 or higher

G3 or better processor
OpenGL-capable video card
sound card
Mac OS X Jagwire or higher (may work on earlier systems...)

(actual performance depends on the machine's specifications)

We own your language uses no OpenGL extensions apart from standard
version 1.1 calls. compatibility is the name of our game. please contact
our support staff at elmindreda@home.se, if you experience problems
running this demo.

no animals or other hamsters were injured in the production of this

HyperCube greets the following people:

Scarab Corpse
Merry Crew

all your language are belong to us.

HyperCube, official providers of clue