Bullshit by Inside

Well, I hope that you all see that this "production" is a joke, not a real
demo. And it's certainly not everything we can do.
Inside has existed since September 1993, and although we have been quite
active we haven't released a decent demo. That's about to change soon.
If you are so sick that you want to distribute this piece of shit,
feel free to do so.
Also included FREE is Ripple's Juhla compo song Oracle.
The jury sucked. The song doesn't. B*)

Blame Ripple, not us! =)
Greetings go to everyone that knows us, especially to:
Kauppinen (Grendel / Byterapers)
Dr.Dick / Byterapers
Carebear / Insane
Everyone in C0MA! (the power is in _boozing_)
and all Juhla participants....

Inside is:
Crinoid         DER FšHRER
Flux            CODE
Icebeat         MUSIC
Raynet          CODE, GFX
Dr.Wit          CODE
Ripple          MUSIC, CODE

Contact us:

	(the SEA is mine...)