Insight #1 by Image! & The Clan (nl) & witan [web]

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               ßßßßßßß ßßßß ßßßßßßßßßßßß         ßßßß ßßßßßß      Issue #1

                               The Info File

į Welcome ®ÄÄÄ

   We finally managed to release the first issue of Insight. To bad we have
   to conclude that this is a major delayed issue :( Well, not to worry as
   we already said it is our first release and we are sure many will follow.

   Hope you enjoy anyway!

į Hardware ®ÄÄÄ

   This magazine needs about 500kb base memory for Gus soundcards to work
   properly, and a bit more if you don't use a Gus. The soundcards used
   are the standard cards : Gus, Sb, Pas and WSS. The welcome-intro only
   supports Gus.
   In case you have a sb/pas sound card, it is required to enable some
   EMS memory, 512 Kb should be fine.

   If your mouse messes up the screen, we advise you to use the Univbe Vesa
   driver (included within PACKAGE.ZIP) and your problem should be over.
   For some odd reason it seems that some Videocards (mostly Vesa2.0) will
   not properly function. Tested on a Mach64 PCI vesa2.0 card, we couldn't
   get the screen 100% right.
   What you can do incase of troubles? Try using the vesa driver which came
   with your videocard, or rebooting your PC and only loading HIMEM.SYS + your
   Ultrasettings sometimes does the trick aswell (very strange).

   Something about the mouse, Insight has a build in mousedriver which should
   work fine on every mouse available. Therefore do NOT load your own
   mousedriver, if everything works out then the internal mousedriver should
   work a bit better then the usual microsoft/genius drivers. Incase Insight
   could not detect your mouse then there is an init error and you should 
   try again with your mousedriver loaded in advance. If you have one of 
   those exotic mouse types then you might encounter some oddities, 
   eventhough these aren't 100% fixed, you should be able to make your way 
   through the magazine.
   (we are verry sorry that your mouse isn't supported that well, but as this
    bugs was noticed when we wanted to release the magazine we didn't want to
    wait much longer as it was delayed enough already).

   If you are using no mousedriver (in memory) the mousepointer will scroll
   fluently, incase you do use a mousedriver (loaded in config/autoexec) the
   mousepointer MIGHT move with 8 pixels at a time.

   If you encounter slow page swapping within the interface, then use some kind
   of smartdrive or defrag your HD. The pages are read from disk, every time
   you switch one. (We had some memory problems with the magazine, so we had
   to make this simple loader instead)

į Parameters ®ÄÄÄ

   If you have any troubles with certain aspects then you could fiddle with
   one of the options below:

      BLABLA.EXE      /?          - Help screen
                      /NOSOUND    - Select no playback device
                      /M:x        - Initialize moues at com port x
                                    com1 to com4 are supported, default is com1
                      /FORCEVESA  - Initialize mode 101h without exception.
                                    (This might cause problems to your
                                    svga card, so only use it if you are
                                    very sure you have a vesa card).

į Music/Graphics credits ®ÄÄÄ

   Front Picture .... Unique/Image!
   Main Picutre  .... Unique/Image!
   End Picture   .... Wolverine/Image!
   Music #1      .... Cygnes/Massive
   Music #2      .... Heretic/The Clan/Destiny
   Music #3      .... Diablo/Witan

   Thank you for sending in your contributions! We are still looking for
   musical and graphical contributions (Dutch only), so if you want to
   see/hear some of your work then send an example or the full version to
   PS: we can't promise you that we will use everything that is sent to us.

į Insight Staff ®ÄÄÄ

   - Function           -  Person                   - Column

   Editor               į Quicksilver / Image!     - Reviews
   Staff writers        į Sentinel / Witan         - Reviews Foreign (?)
                           Vision / Image!          - Misc Corner
                           Nix / Massive            - Technix Corner
                           Sto / The Clan           - Technix Corner
                           Fyr / Image!             - Technix Corner
                           Diablo / Witan           - Music Corner
                           Ch:ilm / XTC             - Music Corner
                           Cypher / Image!
   Code                 -¯ The Russian / The Clan
   Graphics             į Unique / Image!
                           Wolverine / Image!

į Boards ®ÄÄÄ

    SL1210        +31-463638243  Ch:ilm / XTC            - WHQ   Site  ú 28k8
    SL1210        +31-463631724                          - Node 2      ú 28k8
    The Undefined +31-251251700  The Russian / The Clan  - Dutch Site  ú 14k4
    Quazar        +31-703912113  Diablo / Witan          - Dutch Site  ú 28k8
    Bad News      +31-356837350  RTF / The Kip Brigade   - Dutch Site  ú 28k8
    (remark : email me meneer de Swiss HQ :), ben je email adresje kwijt :( )

    Incase you are interested in being a supporting BBS then drop a line
    at : Quicksilver@Quazar.idn.nl.

į WWW page ®ÄÄÄ

    Visit our shared WWW page at: http://huizen.dds.nl/~www_msv
    Maintained by Contagion / Massive

į E-mail ®ÄÄÄ

    Quicksilver@Quazar.idn.nl         Quicksilver
    Diablo@Quazar.idn.nl              Diablo
    Nix@knoware.nl                    Nix
    Unique@Overflow.idn.nl            Unique/Image!

į The End ®ÄÄÄ
[EOF]                                                           S e c r e t s