Abduction by The Lords Of The Bits [web]

Abduction Intro Info (Compo Version)

 Welcome to Abduction! a criticize society Intro... :-)

1. Where does this intro come from?

 This intro was released at the Euskal Amiga/PC Party 4 which was held in
 San Sebastian (Spain) from 24th to 28th July 1996.

 This Intro won the 1st place in this party (yes, this was the only one
 presented in this compo).

2. History?

 English Words:

 I (Astharoth) Needed to create some intro (or demo) to criticize the
 Society all over the world (the killings, violations, selfishness,
 etc. ).

 Spanish Words:

 El hombre, ser sociable por naturaleza, educado en una cultura
 autoritaria, crea formas corruptas de convivencia, y en beneficio de
 unos pocos caminamos hacia la locura... (Sin Dios)

 Latin Words:

 Homo Homini Lupus... X'D

3. Credits?????

Libraries used:

PmGraph V0.4b (c)Victor Jurado AKA:Astharoth/TloTb
Sb8bit  V0.1b (c)Pedro Gimeno  AKA:Cranky/TloTb
Pmode   V3.07 (c)Thomas Phytel AKA:Tran/Renaisance
PmMem   V0.2b (c)Pedro Gimeno
PmKbd   V0.1b (c)Pedro Gimeno
PmMath  V0.1b (c)Victor Jurado

Code GFX (3D Engine and other stuff... :-)  ---->Astharoth
GFX (the font, and the rest of shitty gfx)  ---->Astharoth
Objects (yes, these horribles things...)    ---->Astharoth
Muzzak (the cooool module that sounds...)   ---->Evelred

The tools....

TASM V4.0-TLINK V3.1-MAKE V5.1-Deluxe Paint IIe-Protracker V2.3(Amiga)

Sorry for the sb only replayer... I will distribute a gus/nosound patch
when possible.

4. Who are we?

 We are TLOTB, a Spanish demogroup

 Actual Memberlist

Handle        RealHandle           WhatshouldIwastemytimewith?

Apodo       - Victor Rubio       - GFXartist/BustripsAdvertismentPictures
Wally       - Francisco Gonzalez - Musician/AnsiGFX/ComunicationsManager
HgH         - Manuel Garcia      - GFX coder/VGARegisterChatter
Mikel       - Miguel Alvarez     - SysOp/PR/BestGuyAroundAround ;-D
Astharoth   - Victor Jurado      - Coder/CPCManiac/Rareeffects
FOG         - Francisco Otero    - Coder/NiceGuy/3Donlycoder :-)
Nocturno    - Pedro Toledo       - GreatGFXartist/Malkavian
Alvin       - Alvaro             - 3DgfxMagician/Swordsmaker/CarOwner ;-D
Cranky      - Pedro Gimeno       - Coder/SpectrumManiac/CoffeeBringer

BladeRunner - David Poves        - PR (this entry may be modified soon)
XLover      - Damia Soler        - ModemTrader/MoralSupporter
Evelred     - Mateo Pascual      - Musician/DesignAdvisor
Bulma       - Ana Usano          - MoralSupport/InternalPartiesOrganizing

6. Contact us, please!

   We are "serious", so every foreign letter will be answered. All Spanish
letters should be sent with self-addressed and stamped envelopes for a quick
reply; if not so, letters will be answered too, but they will follow the
bureaucratic way (that means, they will be answered when we have money and
will of answering!).

   - Coding, Contacting, Help, Gfx, Questions, Blaming, Bombs, etc.:

			  Francisco Gonzalez
                          c/Guillem de Castro, 77-5
                          46008 - Valencia
                          Spain - Europe

   Hey, Tlotb are looking for new gfx members...

But if ya wanna contact us faster you can try the following email adresses:

*BladeRunner: tlotb@p33.europa3.encomix.com

*Wally:       fgonzale@bebe.eleinf.uv.es

*Cranky:      Cranky@p62.europa3.encomix.com


BlasterSound is da best demo oriented BBS in all Spain and it's our WHQ. For
fast contacting try calling there!!

BlasterSound BBS  +34 -(58)- 29 35 83 ; Granada, Spain; TLOTB  WHQ!
                                                        Iguana WHQ
                                                        Many other cool
                                                        Spanish Groups!!


Dracker BBS                              ; TLOTB Distro Site
                                         ; Demo oriented BBS!!
        +34 -(3) 385 33 93  33.6Bps      ; First ring-node
        +34 -(3) 466 16 04  33.6Bps      ; Second ring-node

Barad-Dûr    BBS  +34 -(6)  - 3xx-xx-xx  ; (!Dead!)

8. Greetings!!!!!

   Well... here is the coolest part in the info file... :-) If you are not
here... contact us right now!!!!

TLOTB sends group greetings with no special order to:

 Mermaids                     Iguana                   Darkness [Amiga]
 Ispania                      Reset-TVC                W.A.H.T.
 Sorcery Planet               Visual Player Team       Necropolis [Amiga]
 Zoran                        Mysteria                 Toxic Zombies
 Penumbra Productions         Asphyxia                 VLA
 JL Enterprises               Xography                 Valhalla
 Ozone [Amiga]                Sweet [Amiga]            MCD
 Gore Design                  Miracle                  Requiem
 Capsule [Amiga]              CROMS [Amiga]            Sweet [Amiga]
 Software Failure [Amiga]     Centolos [Amiga]         Zaborra [Amiga]
 Clone Zero        	      AliõN                    Citfi
 The Banner                   TFL-TDV                  Crystal Shade
 Goblins [Amiga]              Imphobia		       Unknown
 WSC                          Judax                    Incognita
 Exobit                       Mistery                  Dosis
 MoveData                     Omega SYS

Cranky wants to say hello to:

- Grog / Scorpio Division
- Lord Matrix / Dosis
- Geiger / Dosis
- Falkon / Zoran
- Yacare / Zoran
- Le Festy / The Banner
- WiseFox / Alien
- Everybody I forget to

Astharoth Greetings:

-Lord Matrix
-McReady/Tlotb(Amiga Division) X'D
-Kurt I. Groenbech/Xenon
-All in Spanish DemoGroups(Amiga&Pc)

-Kefrens (Old Group) -Polka Brothers -Halcyon (For their great design)

-All I Forgot.. ...... ... .. ... ... ... .... ... ..

oh my God!!

-And my best friend DanDare (Javiero) Coder/GfxMan/and Puton verbenero..
 .... Mad Car Driver..... :-) (90mph..... in the road) :-)

Astharoth Fuckings:

My Driving examinator (thanks for suspending me.... son of a bitch!,

Thanks for Watching This...

					Astharoth&Cranky at the Party Place.