Estrato's Quadratic Circularity

                            Quadratic Circularity

			 256-bytes intro by Estrato

	In order to be able to run this intro you must have a PC
	with 80386 processor on board and an FPU. However, you'd
	better run it on a fast 486(with an FPU) or anything better.
	You should also have more then 65536 bytes of free memory.

	If you are to distribute the intro, include this info file
	in the same package as the intro and the source. All other files 
	may be removed. You know the rules.
	I do not take any responsibility for anything this intro causes 
	to anything. Anyway, the worst thing that can happen is that you
	computer restart, so don't worry =)
	If you want to contact me, e-mail. The address: estrato@hotmail.com
	Eventually, you'll get an answer ;)
	Estrato, late 1997.