Mainstream by inf

                            RELEASE  VERSION
                      INF's first 64kb intro ever!

    We just wanted to make something for the Online'96. Well, here
    it is. Our very first 64kb intro ever.  Nothing much, but it's
    our contrib for the 64kb intro compo at Online'96. It won, but
    that doesn't mean a thing since the average Online'96 attender
    were gamelamers.

    So what's this "release version"? Actually it looks 100% like the
    compo version and doesn't even support more soundcards (sorry, we
    didn't manage to find any other player than GP15 that could play
    the module right). The only difference is that the decruncher is
    fairly more stabile than the compo version (due to lack of bytes
    in the compo version).

    Copy it, spread it, eat it, do what ever you want with this intro.
    However all the files have to be included in their ORIGINAL form.
    No money can be charged for this intro either.

    Disclaimer: if this cute little intro should blow up your computer,
        INF can NOT be held lieable. You run this intro at your own
        risk and even if the result is a nuclear meltdown, it's non
        of our business.

    The following files should be included. If not, delete it and
    get a descent copy of this shit:
    - MAINSTRM.EXE  - The intro. Gee... amazing, a exe file!
    - MAINSTRM.NFO  - Info file, you're reading it now.
    - FILE_ID.DIZ   - The file_id.diz.

    To run this intro, you need a machine with at least
    - 386sx, 486dx2 or faster recommended
    - Math Co-processor required
    - VGA card; VLB or PCI highly recommended
    - 400kb of hard disk space
    - GUS needed for sound (otherwise there will be no sound, sorry)
    - 565kb of free DOS memory.
    BTW: Please note that this intro matches The Gathering'96 64kb
        *compo* rules! :) Also note that the computer used as compo
        machine at Online'96 was a Pentium 133mhz, 50mb edo and
        512kb pipeline cache. You should thank us for not making a
        pentium based intro out of Mainstream. :)

    Q: The intro hangs/don't want to run!
    A: You've done something wrong.

    The longest infofile for any intro ever!

    Well, here are the (common) excuses that expain why this intro
    isn't as good at it should be:
    - It's our very first 64kb intro ever.
    - TMK did the mainwiring here...
    - BUGS... a *lot* of them.
    - As allways the school, we really hate it, don't we?
    - We're really fed up of this party.
    - "64kb...that's nothing, absolutly *nothing*!" - TMK in lack of bytes
    - We ate to much oranges for breakfast.
    - Drowning in annoying lamers, and 99% of the people present at the
      party were non-sceners. How inspiring!
    - No domination... at least we can't feel it.
    - We really really really really really really *HATE* ourselves (TMK)
    - We really really really really really really *HATE* TMK (TMK)
    - We really really really really really really *LOVE* ourselves (BitBrat)
    - TMK really really really *HATES* BitBrat's attitude towards life.
    - BitBrat really really really *LOVES* his own attitude towards life.
    - TMK really really *HATES* that BitBrat *LOVES* his own attitude.
    - TMK really really hates himself for that.
    - Lowlevel party... Sub level party... Fed up, fed up... bored.
    - BitBrat ment that it was more important to focus on the DECOY demo.
    - "100kb is more like it" - TMK linking the shit.
    - Had to write this silly info file.
    - We're INF... yes.

    Detailed credits:
     - "Graphics" and 3Dobjects by TMK
     - Music by Sticky
     - Coding:
        Main code and linking by TMK
        Additional code (map handlers etc.) by BitBrat
        Vector engine by Twaddler
        Misc (decruncher, loaders, etc) by Snupi
        - GUSPlay 1.5 by Robban/Cascada
        - XLinker 2.02 by Jinx!/TC

    You may contact us....
    By calling our cute little WHQ: GeniPig (+47)66779464

    Sending snailmail: INF
                       0strevei 77
                       N-1315 NES0YA

    Using e-mail: berne@infolink.no (Frog Fuzz)
                  ww@bigblue.no (White Water)

    or use the common Daskmig contact channels (emails etc.)

    Money and equipment donations may be sent to our snailmail
    address above. :) 

    Special thanks to:
        Ourselves for being such a cool group :)

    TMK would like to say hello to:
        ... nobody this time. To pissed.

    BitBrat sends dweebels to:
        everybody, since the world is a happy place and everybody
        should be excellent to each other!! Happy happy joy joy!!

    Greetings to:
        Sub Logic and Index (great intros both of you!), Darkzone,
        Sorrox, Xenen Development, Twilight Zone Software, Gollum,
        Proxima, Orchide, etc. etc. the rest of the Daskmig Staff
        and all Daskmig readers.

You have just read the whole Mainstream info file... Get a life!!