Fallas Party'95 by The Lords Of The Bits [web]

The Fallas Party Intro Info

0. The "Bugfixed" Version
   This is supposed to be the bugfixed version of the FP'95 intro invitation,
but it isn't fixed ;-))). We have made little modifications... now the letters
flicker only at high samplerates... so I think ;-)))
   We don't use that music system either, so we were too lazy to rewrite the
routines again to fix this shit... so we have done all we could do in an 
evening :)). The result is still a shit, but it really works better than
before!!! ;-))
   Well, I have only modified this info file at the greetings, because we have
meet a lot of people since we released the intro... ;-))
   If you can be interested in the sources of this intro... well, ask us for
them... we haven't any secrets ;-)))

   Special thanks to: 
   - All the people that came to the FP'95 
   - Rancid /Penumbra Productions for our African HQ ;-)
   - Pallbearer/Toxic Zombies for his interest in our intro for the CD.

                           Now the info file:

Hi there! Here BladeRunner! This is suposed to be the info file for the After 
Fallas Party Intro Invitation... so ya would excuse my annoying English, cauze 
I'm only a victim of the Spanish foreign language (this means only a foreign 
language before going to college!) way-of-teaching (this also means that I'll 
not make as many jokes in this info file as I really desire)... So, way to go!!

1. What is this shit and why it is supposed to be called intro?

This is our first "serious" release, and fear us, because we are going to 
continue doing harm (this means, continue coding) ;-)  OK, the routines aren't 
as good as they should, but we are lazy (and we have a very good weather in our
country that helps us to relax and don't get excited with coding all da day 
long... (ya know what for nice babes we have here in Valencia? ;-D) Well, it is
supposed to be called intro because we took all the original code from 
wellknown major groups (we wouldn't mention his names to avoid embarrassing 
them and get ourselves killed ;-D) and couldn't made it better, we not only 
made it bad, we made it much worse as we could imagine in our most horrifying 
nigthmares ;-D. But we said:"Hey, if we don't get this shit out nobody will 
come to our cool gathering of Spanish Scene Dudes!", so we though that it 
would be hard to see people faces after they had seen this, but we need our 
pals in there!! ;-)) Don't blame us, we promise you to get out a megaextracool 
production, but not yet! ;-DDDDDDD

2. Tecnical notes (or something similar)

We used the following tools to create this crime against good taste and scene 
cool people:

- Turbo C++ 3.1 from Borland
- Tasm 3.1 from Borland too
- XLIB 2.something by Themie Gouthas
- FastTracker 2.03
- Fake demo & BytesandKisses sources (only in the last time)
- Pkzip and pklite
- Lzexe
- Our unvaluable time (this means, about 33 minutes really wanting this thing 
  to get out!)

Thanx to JL Enterprises ans Pelusa/PM for his sources... in the last time (a 
day before releasing this [for me this means today] I got deleted the code of 
the loader and the sound routines I was doing for the intro (don't talk me 
about security copies!!!), I hadn't any other way that taking the code from 
elsewhere... thanx again!!!

A comment: Have ya noticed that the blastersound bbs intro is much better than 
           ours? ;-D

 We can do it even worse with better tools, I swear!

The hardware we used was the following:

- 386sx16 with a vga card and a disk controller built in the motherboard
  (courtesy of Olivetti) (HighHacker)
- 386sx40 with a 512Kb Cirrus vga card (2 weeks before I still had a 8088 
  running in the same place ;-D) (BladeRunner)
- 386dx25 with a very old vga card (what was that flickering in the screen?) 
- 486sx25 with a owner that doesn't know how to use it (I like Windows)

2.1 Last hour motherfucking technical notes

As we built up the executable we found out that sound routines fuck in someway
the execution. The jumping letters get deleted in some computerz and the speed
is increased, as we haven't the soundsources (they were built in an .OBJ file)
and we can't modify the letters routine (done in C) to fix this bug. But we'll 
distribute this (it really works in a lot of computerz, so if yars doesn't want
to run this, try it out at your friends computer ;-D).
Another problem ya can encounter is running the demo on a 286. The loader and
player requires a 386, so we have added an executable called RUN286.EXE that 
will show the jumping letters without sound (sorry: no time) on a 286.
The final shit is the size of this no-way-to-call-it-intro. We haven't 
compressed the final executable (so ya can rip the mod file for yar collection
;-). Note that the letters routine is totally made in C (lame! ;-D)... don't
blame us please!!

3. "Who should ya kill for this?" or "Who made what?" section

Repetitive Muzak  & Cool ANSI ----------------------> Wally
Original Jumping Letters Code That It Really Runs --> HgH
Laborious Grafix -----------------------------------> Apodo
Horrible Fonts and Faked Loader & Zound Routines ---> BladeRunner

So if ya wanna kill someone for this (specially BladeRunner, cauze he was the
being who couldn't fix the bugs ;-D, hey, this is BladeR saying this!)... ya 
know the names of the dudes who made it... (heheheheh)

4. Who we are?

We are a group of cool Spanish boys looking for a girlfriend (and if we 
continue working with computers we'll never see a truly girl in our lives 
long!) and not for become one of the best groups in the scene (as ya can see, 
we just can't! ;-D). Not, really... we all are friends since a long time ago, 
we have similar likings (you hitted! this means computerz) and dislikes ;-D. 
Last year (1994) I was in a crack team with a guy called... I don't want to 
remenber his name, perhaps it was...: Pestor.... but the only who made any 
crack was me. I wanted to jump into the scene, but I hadn't (and still I 
haven't!) enough knowledges. In April I meet Wally for the first time, as he 
told me that he liked so much the scene and that he had made some mod tunes I 
asked him to get into TLOTB. So we took Apodo (a very good friend of mine that 
doesn't like computers but does really enjoy reading and drawing comics ;-D) 
with us. HighHacker (HgH) asked us to be part of the group so we were a truly 
demoteam with a gfxman, musician and coders. Before having HgH with us Wally 
made his first (and by the time only) MusicDisk, that was out too early (the 
tunes aren't the eight wonder, but they sounded really good for me in those 
times). After this Mikel/Iguana_TLOTB asked us to make BlasterSound our WHQ, 
we owe too much to Mikel (thanx you for all pal!! Someday we would pay you all 
what ya have done for us). After the summer my computer was requised by my 
mother ;-D (I had a 386sx16) and I had to build in secrecy a computer (the 
infamous 8088). But 2 weeks ago I returned to the world of 386's!!! Tailgunner 
joined us before Cristhmas, he has no computer but he does like them. We are
trying to become our first demo in May now... we are TLOTB!!!! (this was quite 
dramatic if I can say ;-D)

5. Actual Memberlist

The actual members in TLOTB and in order of joining are:

Handle        RealHandle ;-D       WithwhatshouldIwastemytime?

BladeRunner - David Poves        - PR/TribeOrganizer/Texter
Apodo       - Victor Rubio       - GFXartist/Frankensteinlookalike
Wally       - Francisco Gonzalez - Musician/AnsiGFX/Theothertribechief
Highacker   - Manuel Garcia      - GFX coder/LamersEater/VGARegisterChatter
Mikel       - Miguel Alvarez     - SysOp/PR/Bestguyaround
Astharoth   - Victor Jurado      - Coder/Coder/Coder/CPCManiac
FOG         - Francisco Otero    - Coder/Istilldunno/Istilldunno ;-)
Nocturno    - Pedro              - GreatGFXartist/Malkavian ;)))

 Collaborations by:
Tailgunner  - Javier Donate      - ElektronikEngineer/Hardwaredestroyer
XLover      - Dami… Soler        - ModemTrader/MoralSupporter
Manivelo    - Pedro Gimeno       - Coder/SpectrumManiac

6. Where to get more info?

Ya want more about us??!!  Ya can contact us following the indications that are
given under... We can offer ya our sources, but only if ya are a beginner, we
don't want people laughing about our code ;-D. It really doesn't matter if ya
aren't a Spanish dude, but we will get shocked if a foreigner wants to contact
us!! ;-D If you are Spanish and ya have modem I suggest ya to call BlasterSound
BBS (Granada, this is our WHQ) and Las Profundidades del Demo¤o (Madrid), there
ya will find a lot of valuable information about programming and similars. If
ya have no modem write us, telling us what ya exactly want (mods, sources, etc)
and if ya are a Spanish dude please send us stamps and a diskette to make
answering your mail faster (and posible) [Para los espa¤oles: Por favor
mandanos sellos suficientes para enviarte la contestacion, porque sino... no te
aseguramos la respuesta ;-D, al menos inmediata] We would thank anyone who
sends us more info about programming...

7. Contact us, please!

We want to recive thousands of letters, and we promise to answer all them
(because we can!!! Didn't I say that we have a lot of freetime to waste with da
demoscene? ;-D). Contact us just to tell us to disappear (please not!), to say
that this intro was the biggest shit ya had ever seen, to tell us that ya can't
make it better (!?) and you need the sources, etc...

So here are the mail adresses to contact the TLOTBtribechieftains:

   - Coding, Contacting, Help (I mean, ya help us! ;-D), Gfx, Questions,
     Blaming, Bombs, etc.:

                          TLOTB WHQ
                          (David Poves S nchez)
                          c/Mariano Ribera, 35-4¦
                          46018 - ValŠncia
                          Spain - Europe

   - Muzak & Music Files Swap:

                          Francisco Gonz lez Pascual
                          c/Guillem de Castro, 77-5¦
                          46008 - Valencia
                          Spain - Europe

But if ya wanna contact us faster you can try in the following nets:

FidoNet   2:346/207.33
InterNet  blader@p33.europa3.encomix.com

If ya are from Valencia ya can contact me in Europa III BBS as David Poves.

FidoNet   2:346/207.33
InterNet  Paco.Gonzalez@lambada.oit.unc.edu

The other members can be reached trough FidoNet, in the adress 2:346/207.33.
So if you have a GFX comment for Apodo, ya can send him the message directly
and not trough BladeRunner or Wally (this means a more faster answer! ;-D).

8. BlasterSound BBS

BlasterSound is da best demo oriented BBS in all Spain and WHQ of TLOTB and 
Iguana (ya sure know them), it is also distsite of all major spanish demoteams 
and SHQ of many important groups worlwide. The SysOp is very cool, and ya can 
find the last demos in there... So if ya wanna contact us ya can do it trough 
BlasterSound BBS, it will be a very secure way to find us ;-D. Ya can connect 
24h a day up to 28.8K, and it is totally free!!! As I said before: Da best Demo
Oriented BBS in Spain (and part of Europe!).

BlasterSound BBS  +34 -(58)- 29 35 83 ; Granada, Spain; TLOTB  WHQ!

Call right now!!!! ;-D


ShockWave    BBS  +34 -(11) - 888-63 45 ; African TLOTB HQ 
                                          Extremly cool BBS in South Africa
                                          HQ of more than 20 important 
                                          demoteams worlwide!!!!
Barad-D–r    BBS  +34 -(6)  - 3xx-xx-xx ; Still under testing

9. Greetings

And now try to find ya out in the following lists. Every member has written
his own greetings, so they look pretty anarchic ;-D. If ya wanna see yar name 
in our greetings, contact us... heheheh

TLOTB send greetings to:

Mermaids - Iguana - Darkness (Amiga) - Postumum - Ispania - Reset TVC - 
W.A.H.T. - Sorcery Planet - Visual Player Team - Necropolis (Amiga) - Zoran - 
Mysteria - Toxic Zombies - Penumbra Productions - Our SysOp Mikel - Asphyxia - 
VLA - JL Enterprises - Xography - Themie Gouthas - Valhalla - Ozone (Amiga) - 
Rancid / PP - Pallbearer /TZ

                              and all the groups that want more from us (!!??)
                              (this means no more groups)

BladeRunner's Greetings:  (I think that the order has been involuntary
                           ramdomized, or not? ;-D)

- Mikel [So we finished the BlasterSound intro finally!! ;-D] 
- Jare [Thanx for your encouraging help! De peque¤o me di muchos golpes ;-D] 
- Jcab [I have beard too!!! :__DD!  Perdona lo de la silla en San Sebastian!] 
- Estrayk [thanx for all ya have done for us! Yar muzak is kool!] 
- Kronos [Hip-Hop rulez! ¨PQ nunca vas a ningun lado? ;-D] 
- Sace2 [Hip-Hop Madrid rules! A ver si un dia nos conocemos!] 
- JL Enterprises [When will  we see another fine production of your own?]
- Pelusa [Didn't arrived our postcard?]
- Ork Ghasmo [Cuesta mucho pillarte!]
- Dä-PHŽ$$äD! [A ver si te veo la cara alguna vez! ;-)] 
- Chc [I really hope we can chat another time someday!] 
- Fiber [I want to roleplay with ya someday!] 
- Kiefer [Tu si ke sabes! ¨Como acabo el juicio?] 
- Blackman#7 [Finland will be cool!] 
- The Digital Lover [Have ya find allready someone who loves you?] 
- Bosko [Thanx for yar GFX! No te comas tanto la cabeza! ;-D] 
- Kurratelo! [What was yar last work? ;-)] 
- Carolina Gavilan [Hace mucho q no me escribes! ;-)] 
- Francisco Moreno [Thanx for my InterNet adress!!!] 
- Jose Cordoba & his pals of 3§B [thanx for your interest!!!] 
- Xlover [When will I see a fractal? ;-D] 
- Pepa [Gracias por tus Matematicas!] 
- Eva [Forgive yar cousin ;-DD] 
- Supercoco [Thank ya very much for calling!! Ven a Valencia alguna vez!]
- Luis Crespo [You are a real nice guy! ¨Para cuando el VP3? >;-DDD]
- Unai Landa [You are damned good coder! Gracias por todo!]
- Carlos Casares [I enjoy yar jokes very much! ;-D]
- Nefron [I like your behaviour! ;-D Tengo una foto tuya!!!]
- Captain Bit [Continue amazing! ;-) ¨Sabes ya lo que es dise¤o? ;-)]
- Diana Batlle [You are sooooo nice! Et va arribar la carta? ;-D]
- Fina [Thanks for being so kind!!]
- Raquel [Take care of Jon!! ;-DD He buscado lo que me pediste!] 
- Montse [No hablamos mucho en la Butifarra 3 :)]
- Xavi Mundo [No consigo acordarme de tu cara! :_(]
- Papoola [Thank you very very very much for yar interest in FP'95!]
- Pilsen [Ya are a cool guy! Gracias por hacernoslo pasar tan bien!]
- Lluis [Did ya recovered your modules? ;-)]
- BlackClown [I'm waiting for the report! ;-D Ya are kinda cool!]
- OLS [When ya are near I can't stop laughing ;) Eres genial!]
- Noisyman [Noisy music roolez!! Tienes q ense¤arme a jugar al futbol!]
- Barbara & Vanesa [Thank you for yar interest and for being so nice!]
- Rancid [The coolest guy I've ever known!! ;-D Thanx for our SA HQ!]
- Pallbearer [Hey! Ya are extremly cool too! ;-DD Thanx for da CD offer!]
- Yann [Have ya the Porsche allready? ;-DDD Gracias por la "carrera"!!]
- Evelred [Yar music is koooool!!! Gracias por la movida Amiga en FP'95!]
- McReady [Thank you very much for your humour!!!! ;-DD Gracias!]
- FireBoy [Thanx for bringing yar computer to FP'95! ¨No tienes mas bollos?]
- Poppy [No much time for talking! Tal vez la proxima vez! ;-D]
- Falkon [Wanna see yar routines!! :)]
- Deringer [Forgive the waiting I'll send ya what ya needed!! ;)]
- Aitor Garay [Thanx for being so cool at Butifarra 3!]
- I¤aki Blanco [Hi!!]
- Slump [Write me someday again!!!]
- Javier Martinez [Perdona mi retraso!!!! Espero ver algo tuyo pronto ;-)]
- Xavi i Alex Gavalda [Habeis petado alguna fuente mas? ;-)]
- Yaka [Danke fr so ein grosses Tag ins IRC!! ;-)]
- Endrik [So viel Zeit dass ich nichts von Dir weisst! :(]
- Firestar [Du bist auch cool!]
- Big Jim [Tjanx for being so nice!! :)]
- Kustom [Wanna see yar routines too!!]
- Evelred [Yar music is KOOL! :)]

\/\/ally sends greetings to (A-Z order)

        - Astharoth
                Thanks for callin'
        - Big Jim / The British Knights / Valhalla
                Thanks for the MusicDisk, sorry about the logo
        - Chc / Reset-TVC
                This is like EXPO '92... Tienes que venir ÷8ªD
        - Denthor / Asphyxia
                Probably the best tutorials in the whole world
        - Draygen / Pure Resistance
                Nice 2 meet you on IRC
        - Estrayk / Darkness
                We both know Jogeir Liljedahl rulez!
        - Jare / Iguana
                You can always count on me as an "IRC test dummy" ÷8ª)
        - Kiefer
                I've seen Khrooon but is almost empty ÷8ª?
        - M3 / Ispania
                Did you get my last 2 e-mails?
        - Mateo??!!
                I don't know your handle but I really liked that song...
        - Mental Floss / KFMF / Axidental
                Thank you for telling me about NetScape
        - Mikel / Iguana / The Lords of the Bits
                We all would be happy if you come
        - Nexus / Pure Resistance
                Did you like Technotry? ÷8ª)
        - Noisy Man / Iguana
                Did you receive my letter?
        - Nostromo / Sorcery Planet
                Hope to meet you at the party place.
        - Sace2
                It has been a long time since your last letter, boy
        - Sarwaz / Mistery
                How is your plasma going? ÷8ª)
        - Snowman / Hornet
                Keep up the good work, we're ready for MC]I[
        - Yaka / Xography
                It was very cool to talk with you. I can hardly wait for your
                next release

        all people in #coders, #demos, #trax & #tlotb
                You are the best!

        all my letter contacts
                Juan, Ra£l, Javier, Pedro, Esther, Bruno

        all I've forgotten
                I'm very sorry!

HgH greetings:  (in no fucking priority order)

- Themie Gouthas
        Thanks for your nice library that was very useful to me.
- Denthor / Asphyxia
        Wonderful PGE tutorials!.Continue writting it, please.
- Jare & Jcab / Iguana
        Thanks for coming to FP'95... 8-)
- OLS /Iguana
        Hey, nice plasma!. Thanks for the sources of the plasma, lens & XLIB.
- Mikel / Iguana_TLOTB
        Do U like the intro.At least we have done it.
- Estrayk / Darkness
        Another video, please !!!! C|:-D
- Pablo (Bosko)
        Be happy...
- Masamune Shirow, Masaomi Kanzaki, Kia Asamiya, Sanpei Shirato, 
  Yukito Kishiro... 
        Great manga drawers...
- Alfredo: For the 3Ds logo.Sorry if it can't be used |_(

- All the people that came to FP' 95. Thanks you all.. ,        

TailGunner greetings:

Antes de nada quiero dar las gracias a Pepe el hermano de Wally, pues as¡ fue
como lo conoci, por supuesto a Wally por aguantarme casi todos los viernes
por la tarde en su casa cuando los discos de 5"¬ iban y ven¡an como cromos 8-)
Tambi‚n tengo que agradecer a Bladerunner por soportarme,algun dia tendre mi
propia makina...
Tengo que agradecer como no, a Santi Sanchez por los viejos tiempos, a High
Hacker y Pablo por dejarme usar de vez en cuando su 286.

Quiero saludar a los chicos del Underground Movement que se lo kurran mucho,
a Jorge alias "Goyena",Chus, Iv n y su perra, Apodo (eh mola el logo), Hector,
Raul, Vicente y David Martinez que tiene mucho pan del bueno y todos los
dientes careados.

Se me olvidaba MacGyver, por su circuito, aunque dudo mucho que encuentre
las piezas.

Grettings From Astharoth

My Girlfriend, Caronte, Kustom, Estrayk, Magnum, Warlock, Jcab, Jare, Coi, Ols, 
Captain Bit, And the alls coders,gfxmans,musicians, around da world... 
No lamers....

Good... Day and remenber... Feel da power of the dark side X'DDDDD

Apodo greetings:

I doesn't know anybody in the scene (except my pals in TLOTB!)

- Mike Mignola
       For his wonderful drawings that inspired me for my marvelous logo ;-D
- All members of TLOTB
       Wally      : No pongas el volumen tan ALTO!!!
       BladeRunner: Please don't make us see BladeRunner so many times as
                    you want in the party ;-)
       HgH        : I can't read the jumping letters, but they are nice ;-)
       TailGunner : Ya sabia que te gustaria mi logo, pero de todas formas
                    muchas gracias por tu apoyo.
       Mikel      : Gracias por tu apoyo y confianza!!!
       Astharoth  : Welcome (you sure do it better than our actual coders)
                    Can you get a new GFXman for TLOTB? ;-D
- Estrayk/Darkness
       Nice from you to record a GFX part in the video!!!! ;-D

10. Closing words

This is the end of the file. Hope ya enjoyed reading it!!!

                                          BladeRunner/The Lords Of The Bits