Geminis by The Lords Of The Bits [web]

                  _        _
                 |_|      |_|
     ___  __ _  _ _ _  __  _  ___             oo ooo   oo   oo ooo
    /   \/ _| \/ | | \ | \/ \/ __\           o88o 88  8  8 o88o 88oo
    | o |  _|    | |  \| || ||__ |     by     88  88  8  8  88  88  8
     \_ |\__|_||_|_|_|\__|\_//___/            `8o `88 `88'  `8o `888'
      | |                                    -útHE lORDS oF tHE bITSú-
      | | Suddenly presented at                                 
      \_|   SATURNE PARTY'96!                  Le miracle arriva! ;-)

1. What happened?

   Evelred and me (BladeRunner) travelled to the Saturne party taking no
production with. Evelred had a tune that he wanted to present at the module
compo, but the group hadn't anything to bring with. Only an unfinished demo
that with the little time to go from school to the bus station that I had, was
left in Spain.

   Until the next day of starting our trip, we didn't meet each other in
Chelles (I went in bus, while the VIP's arrived on a plane to Paris in around
18 hours less than me :D). At the party. during the first day we didn't saw
many people finishing productions, so we though that it would be cool to
present the group's unfinished demo to the compo. Just one problem... we had
left it in Spain. We were looking for a SysOp in Paris that would be able to
help us, but as we found one that could had help us it was too late to start
making calls... so, it's a pitty we though.

   But at the evening the miracle happened. I was recording what groups had
come to the party and I saw that TFL-TDV were here. A member of my group had
a good friendship with Magic Fred / TFL-TDV, and it was possible that he had
sent him a preview of the demo. So it was. I called Mikel / Iguana / TLOTB to
tell him that we would present the demo in the compo and that he should call
the other members asking for permission. I don't think it will be any problem
with it, so I think we're going to present it at the compo. :)

   So I asked Magic Fred for copy it to me, and now we'll participate in the
compo. :)

2. Who we are?

   We are a Spanish group. :)
   We are a Spanish demo group. ;-)

   I'm too sleepy to write now down the whole story of how TLOTB. We were
formed 2 years ago, but we've started to do real serious things for about 6
months ago, and this is one of this things. But you have to think that it is
still unfinished, that this is still just a beta version. And really I don't
know if we'll finish it someday. :)

3. Some technical info

   The demo was developed during a month of work of some members of TLOTB.
The whole code was done by FOG, except the sound code, that was taking from
I don't know where (I think that is made by an american, but I don't know it
for sure). We've our own soundsystem, but due the lack of time FOG had to use
other people system.

   If not all the objects, many of them are taken from 3D objects libraries
and the background gfx are made by the coder and other no graphic specialised
members. The graphic of the fish is made by one cool guy it doesn't is of our
group, but as we asked him for a graphic had no problem to let it to us. :)

   I really don't know anything more about the demo :) But you can email the
coder asking him for more information. :)))

  Please note that this was just a preview of the demo, it isn't finished yet
and it's not bugfree and it hasn't cool graphics. :(

4. Actual memberlist of TLOTB

   I haven't taken the whole official list of members, so the order of joining
it's for sure erroneus, and I hope that I have written down all the members,
because if not, I'll be killed down by the ones that I left. ;-))

Handle      RealNameOrSo        WithWahtIsHeWastingHisTimeNow?
------      ------------        ------------------------------

BladeRunner - David Poves     - Founder/TribeOrganiser/PR/PartyPhotographer
Apodo       - V¡ctor Rubio    - UsedToBeAGraphician/TLOTBAdvertismentManager
Wally       - Paco Gonzalez   - Musician/ModulesSwapper/SaluteSomePeopleForMe
HgH         - Manuel Garcia   - Coder/FallasParty'2003ProjectLeader;D
Mikel       - Miguel Alvarez  - WHQSysOp/IguanaMemberToo/SoHeIsADoubleMember:)
Astharoth   - Victor Jurado   - ASMCoder/AmstradCPCManiac/VideoGamesDdeveloper
Alvin       - Alvaro Fornas   - 3DObjectsMagician/CarDestroyer/SleepBagLender
FOG         - Francisco Otero - Coder/FarFarAwayMember/CoolGuy/DemoDeveloping
Nocturno    - Pedro Toledo    - 2DGraphics/MalkavianLover
Cranky      - Pedro Gimeno    - SpectrumZ80Coder/ValencianIndurain ;)))
Evelred     - Mateo Pascual   - Capsule&TLOTBMember/Musician/DoubleMemberToo:)


XLover      - Damia Soler     - ModemTrader/MoralSupport/PasaPerLaTevaCasa? :)
Bulma       - Ana Usano       - InternalPartyOrganiser/PR/TLOTBConfidencer :)
McReady     - Luis Hernandez  - TLOTBAmigaDivision/CarDriver/PartyOrganiser

5. Where to get our productions or contact us (?!)

   I've left in Spain the list with our ftp sites address and some telephone
numbers, so I think that this will last or so to get in touch with us or for
getting all our future releases. If you want a detailed list you can write or
email me for the complete distro, HQ, and what else sites. :)

   If you're a good 2D graphician contact us! Send some works of your own, we
really need good graphician wanting to collaborate with us. So please, contact
us. :)

BlasterSound    +34-(9)58-29 35 83     ; Granada, Spain
ShockWave       +27-11-888 63 45       ; African HQ
Count Zero      +47-55-12 29 62        ; Norwegian HQ

Distro Sites
Dracker         +34-(9)3-385 33 93     ; Barcelona, Spain
                +34-(9)3-466 16 04     ; Barcelona, Spain
Under The Sun   +34-(9)6-I'm-Sorry     ; Valencia, Spain
                         I forgot the number... I have no way to find it in
                         here... :((((((( If you are from Valencia and want
                         the number call me and ask me for the number.

Barad-D–r BBS: The Dark Tower +34-(9)6-Still-Under-Testing ; Valencia, Spain.

   Well, now the real way to contact us:        ;)

   Snail Mail:

   BladeRunner / TLOTB
   c/Doctor Serrano 21-13
   46006 - Valencia

   E-Mail:   tlotb@p33.europa3.encomix.com

   Net-Mail: 2:346/207.33  (FidoNet)

   Phone: +34-(9)6-380 95 38  ; Asking for David. German, English or Spanish.

   Every letter, every call and every message is answered. If you don't get an
answer, try again, the letter, the message or what it was has get lost. We
always answer the mail!! :-)))))))))))

6. Greetings

   Well, I haven't brought my list with. So I have done with the whole group
greetings list... I think that I will forget some people, but I please them
not to get angry :-)

   First of all TLOTB thanks Magic Fred / TFL-TDV for keeping a preview of our
demo, so we could compete at the Saturne Party. If he hadn't brought the demo
with we hadn't participate.  :)

   I'll start greeting all the people that was present at the party (and
talked with me ;D):

   Future Brain (Amiga)
   Abyss (Amiga)
   Ozone (Amiga)
   Capsule (Amiga)

   And now all the group greetings:

   VZ Demo Section
   The Banner
   Software Failure (Amiga)
   Goblins (Amiga)
   Factory Of Games
   CROMS (Amiga)
   Centolos (Amiga)
   Nivel 7 (Amiga)
   Darkness (Amiga)
   Sweet (Amiga)
   Waterfall Software Corp.
   Toxic Zombies
   ... sorry to all that aren't greeted. I promise you that you will be there
   next time...

   Personal and fast greetings:

   Diba / Mermaids (Vaig sentir molt la mort d'en Lluis. No mes vull q
                    s…pigues q en nosaltres sempre hi tendras uns bons
                    amics dispostos a ajudar-te)

   Magic Fred / TFL-TDV (Thank you very much for all!)
   Skid / Ozone (Thank you for letting me your phone card ;D)
   Darkness / Imphobia (I've to interview you!!!!! ;D)
   Vacuum / Capsule (Thank you for letting me use your computer)
   Vader / Capsule (For what shall I thank you? :-? ;-DDDDDD)
   MAT! / Ozone (Thank you for the nice chat in the party)
   Mikel / Iguana / TLOTB (Thank you for making all the calls!)
   Estrayk / Capsule (I'm still waiting for copying the Amiga GFXs!!!)
   Nuku-Nuku / Future Brain (Japanese is c00l ;D)
   EDW (Are you going to the party? ;) It was nice to meet you!)
   Patapom / Igloo (You are one cool guy! Thank you for all!)
   Miguel Perez (Come to Spain someday! :D Thank you for translating!)

   John / Miracle (Thanks for answering!)
   Le Festy / The Banner
   OLS / Iguana (Thank you for all that you did in Madrid! :D)
   HAM / Software Failure
   Yann / Iguana
   I¤aki Blanco
   JARE / Iguana (Thank you for all, too. I'll give you back all what you have
                  done for me)
   JCAB / VangelisTeam / Iguana (Please! Come back soon!!!)
   Kalimotxo / WAHT (Iïve to call you some day! :D)
   Humphrey (Thank you for your kindness in Madrid)
   Marcial (I'm making a very cool film here ;D)
   NEFRON / Iguana (Next time I go to Madrid you WILL have MORE time ;D)
   Luis Crespo / VP Team
   Charlie / WAHT (My cables!!! ;D)
   Falkon / Zoran (Hi Vomi! ;D)
   Toxik / VZ (Thank you for *the address* :D)
   COI / Iguana (Thank you for all you did for me in Madrid! ;D)
   Jupiter / Goblins (Hope to see soon! I got your letter! :D)
   Kronos / Iguana (I had no time to write you again)
   Raster / The Banner
   Birra / Goblins (See you at euskal 4!)
   Aitor Garay (Get a handle quickly! ;D)
   McReady / TLOTB (I did it! I went to the Saturne! :D)
   Skaven / Future Crew (Thank you very much for your letter!)
   Judax / FOG (I will go to the Basque Country this summer :D)
   Pink / Abyss (You are a cool guy! :D)
   Dexter / Abyss
   Volucris / CROMS (Hace tocontact with you again!)
   Derodo / Clone0
   Zhorlack / WAHT (I will visit you thsi summer)
   Derethor / Centolos (See you at euskal too!)
   Darkblade / Ozone
   Machine / MCD
   Doctor Kami / MCD
   Kataplasma / Nivel 7  (I will send you the tapes)
   Flynn / Capsule
   Troglobyte / Darkness (Thank you for the peanuts and the coke! :D)
   Digital Mind / Sweet
   Captain Bit / Iguana (Come back soon! And don't sleep at trains! X-D)
   Silgur / WSC
   Toniace / CROMS
   D0lby / Darkness
   Sir Uwain / WSC
   Roberto Ruisanchez
   Noisy-Man / Iguana (I have to visit you someday!)
   Supercoco / Goblins (Come and help me to organise a REAL party ;D)
   Blackclown (Thank you for your call!)
   Poppy / Iguana
   Yitzhaq / Proxima
   Parasite / Iguana (Thank you for being so kind with me in Spain)
   Pallbearer / Hornet / Toxic Zombies (Have to write you soon!)
   Bulma / TLOTB

If you want to see you in the greetings just contact us! :)

Thank you for watching GEMINIS, by TLOTB.