Going Forward by Ananasmurska [web]

Ananasmurska - Going forward

Our contribution to Simulaatio 3D demo compo.

This demo uses anaglyphic rendering so you should
use special magic glasses to view this demo.
Those red-cyan thingies. Red for left eye and
cyan for right eye.

Once again this is mostly done in week before party, 
so dont expect much.  

It has been nice party so far, warm at outside, lots
of nice people and great organizers. 

Greets go to groups mentioned in demo and to Instant 
Ejakulation (sorry guys). Fuckings to everyone who 
didn't come to party.

Multimedia PC with 3D-acceleration card
and compatible soundcard.



Added option to look without 3d-glasses, but remember
this demo is made for those glasses and this is just
option like "no sound".