Game Gear Hicolor Demo by Chris Covell [web]

"Game Gear Hicolor Demo" by Chris Covell (chris_covell@yahoo.ca)

This is my first Sega, GG, or Z-80 program ever.
I wanted to explore the graphical power of the Game Gear, and so now you have
this demo before you.  It is fun to look at, and I hope you'll be impressed.
It shows 7 images with up to 288 colours on-screen at once, in a slideshow.

This demo should be run only in a good emulator that supports per-scanline palette
changing.  Currently Emukon works very well, but MEKA doesn't.

I should say big thanks to Maxim, whose tutorial code I used, and whose BMP2Tile
program was essential for converting graphics.  Thanks also to Martin Konrad and
others in the SMS Power community.

Please let me know what you think of the demo!

Chris Covell