Syrius Orbitter by Hellcore [web]

              ³  S   Y   R   I   U   S      O   R   B   I   T   T   E   R  ³

                    Syrius orbitterú                  útechnical notes

                     Demo  runs  like  a dream in mode 320x200x32k. If
                    your video card doesn't support it, you can try to
                    use  other  modes,  but  they are much slower. You
                    must  also  notice that using i.e 640x480x32k mode
                    will  NOT improve the demo resolution!

                     Oh yes, the linear frame buffer isn't used... ha!

                     12mb is required.

                    Syrius orbitterú                      úcredit list

                    code, textures                               Mrock
                    music                                       Revisq
                    gfx                                         Forcer

                    Syrius orbitterú                       úblah blahs

                     Damn, it was done in real hurry. 4 days or sth.

                     Mrock to Cash: don't send me music 5 days before
                    party anymore! :)
                    (do this 5 weeks before, or better 5 months ;)