Born by X-Beat & Stalker Crew

   aaahh! new team is born!! 
this team is combination of stlc (stalker crew) , rfw]team  
(some guyz only) & of course xbeat!! 
we saw that this co]operation vital for our future.  
so our name is x]beat & stlc !!! pure finnish power!!!   ô  

releasie date $ 28.9. 1888 (pretty old!)      
a couple of messages to ya! $ in this scroll theres half shittalk so dont care!!   
its quite long scroll...=$ read all or die!     
write up our addresses! $ you wont see em all in future demos!         
ok!    lets start.... credits of this demo goes to following pretty]folks$      
coded inùbyóòú  the blob!          
 grafix and equalizer coding by ÷ñ   devil!   ÿ 
this cool music (named bluemoon) zapped in by      roland!  øÿ    
you will hear more of rolands music in future demos... * 
you! this is not as cool as rolands best!!!  .... .. .   

ok!ùûñ before u get bored, we will give our contact addresses to u ...
 soouu grab some papru and * penis ü

 (paper & pencil) ...... .. .   .. here we go!... 
the blob  (our master coder , vammala]hq)  ,  kutunpolku 3  ,  38200 vammala  ,  finland .       
devil  (coder,grafix ..also vammala]hq)   ,  haapakuja 10  ,   
38200 vammala  ,  finland .       
roland (music)  ,  linnuntie 21  ,   44120 aanekoski  ,  finland .         
batman  ,  sarvantie 1  ,  86300 oulainen  ,  finland .     
owe (turku]hq)  ,  pernonkartano  ,  20240 turku  ,  finland (we will not bother you about this finland anymore...)          mac (coder)  ,  
riihikatu 1  ,  11100 riihimaki        
and guy from deathstar wants to give his address   $   
hackman  ,  oravantie 21  ,  35100 orivesi.        or call our hotlines $ ..
.. (fin) 932]43678 ] henri   (for the blob)     ,      (fin) 932]42768 ] 
mika  (for devil)     or      (
fin) 921]783108 ] pappe  (for owe)          ü 
dont bush the musse button before uve read all the text! in that case i will install 
a virus to your [ watch it!!!     now our saga continues! our |ei tippa tapa| book jokes !!!  
look out! murjastaan 
oikein kunnon vitsi!!! ...hhmmm...      maksuvaline:    tytto tuli baariin ja huusi tarjoavansa kierroksen. 
kun tuli maksun aika, hanella ei 
ollut rahaa.  voin maksaa talla, sanoi tytto ja nosti hamettaan ylos.    
baarimikko katseli nakymaa ja sanoi ... tuota, ei sulla sattus olemaan pienempaa?  
en saa noin suuresta takaisin.        se siita , ja nyt kunnon rohonaurut   hahahahaaaahahahaha!!!   
switching to english and to owes text ...       now owes turn 
to say something (take care! this pervers scrolly has been written by drunken owe!!
converted to english by blob&devil (what a job!
)  we dont take any responsibilities about thiz crazy scroll!!!)   
lets start..... first hackman of deathstar ... we havent 
seen a man as sick as this guy in many years. he listens to rege,rap and country. 
he isnt an alcoholist $ he drinks a basket 
full of beer, 2 bottles kossu and good night!  he wans some contacts from 
japan, jamaica, africa, syyria... no woodoo types pleze
!!!  all volunteers!$ do it for us!  jews away from greenland!! there must build 1. a bordello 2. alko ..
call hackmans meltingline:   !935]2505 marko!    
 zados&icebreaker from stack in turn now...  naimakelpoisia young mans 
(not meant to merry) ryyppaamaan , ryyppaamaan joka aamu sannataan!! 
vodka tastes good, rap is playing! valta krapulaa $ pysy humalassa!  
say this to all your friends
! $ homot pois huittisista!!!    zad $ a sick sadist from sovjet union! 
ice $ a killermachine from tampere! kills even your mother if theres 
a vodka bottle for price!     zan (member of irwin fan crew) from 777 team .... 
rise from the death! dont rot or decay
!     grysor from x]men .... gigolo for all years escaped from diseases... 
maksa from a]men a member of irwin fan 
club! kaikkien maksa tautisten apu. super hyper greets to everybody ... 
but what a hell disguisting lamer *mjh* from exizus is doing! asshole
, fucker, shithead and a  beardnightmare. 
call hotline 921]309716 **mika**  (if u are brave guy!)  * you    i think 
thats all for this time........ from owe (irwin)   
(at this point devil is doing his swedish homeworks, and 
hits the blob for not helping him!!! (blob on mahti ilkimys!) 
hope it isnt going to be a big fight!!!)  
good news! back to bullshit! such a boring  scrolly this iz... 
devil (full of bruises) will send some hillos to awkward of clones
: thanx for newspaper article! shall we digitze your face to next demo?? 
a good idea!! end of (dronningholm) hillo.    
hillos also to (former) msa! oh! im sorry that you cannot read this but i 
hope some guy will take this greet to ya...      wanted
!! has anybody possibility to take copies of 
amiga-books??? we can pay a little (stuff or money) ..... 
werbung,werbung ... armalite of bloodsuckers is here writing and 
perhaps explaining why all stlc and x]beat (alpha order) members have been after 
my life the last two weeks ... simply  because devil and blob lent me their 
hardware manual and other shit litterature ... i just could not 
get them copied ... well,finally they have been returned to their rightful owners ... 
hey hey ... i almost forgot ..
. message to zad of stack $ eat shit and die if you can not quit vandalising 
all disks you return to me ...  hipp hopp gorpatsjov,
but it is message time from armalite ... zern of election $ send cooler 
stuff (you are ok. otherwise !) ... daniel of 
tsv $ this way you will climb my rankings ... keep on cool swiss sendings ... 
well,we have got to start copying some stuff 
now so its beddie beddie time now little lamers ... my last greeting must 
go to my lovely girlfriend milla k. ... what about party 
time by the way ??? great party 88 in vammala , finland,everybody welcome,place ] 
devils bedroom !! shit guys, this must be 
the coolest copy]party of all time ] we are three guys and one purple cat here ... 
the cat keeps masturbating all the time and blob 
watches very carefully ... joke guys ... list of  people here $ me (armalite) ,
blob and devil ... and a pink 
elephant ... well gotta stop now ! when i look out through the window ,all i see 
is  water ,and that is enough to make an 
old alcoholic like me start seeing things ... blob is getting very very upset ... 
his trousers are getting tight when he watches the cat .
.. blob,devil can live without horrible stains on the walls ... 
what stains??? well inuff shitt fur nuww ... well 
i think there is something happening right now with devils amiga ... 
help help can someone hhhhhelp me,myhh fhingher isshhhhtuchhhhk on thhhhe hhhhhh key ..
.helllppp ... gotta stop .... c u soon ... over to stlc ... gimme that keyboard!!! .
.   oh! shut up that shit talking armalite! no! |ooks sa vahan mulkku| 
isnt an aswer!! hey! dont kill narttu! devil 
isnt goin to feel good...grrmmm... blobs here again...ø nobody isnt used 
the special effects yet!ô heres some 
of emò....dfssgldsfkdsf;kgñóùok!          thanks to armalite for visiting 
us (and rageing me with his shity scrolls!!)  ip!   oke
! i dont mind!! why dont call blobs heatline 932$43678!! do it! now! this 
grisly scroll is almost ending. (are 
you sneezed already?) ... yawm ... heres something ... ooops! i almost 
forgot the tech info of this nafty demo!   
grrrm...   first source code... it takes a little over 2 seka lines 
( i think thats quite much for a demo!!)  
scrollies using paula....   music made by butcher from vammala made 
with amiga-basic! (what a joke!!!!! hahahahahohooohho) 
graphics painted within 2 minutes by devil (with 8 x 8 fonts by me (blob). 
ok! ok! its nothing to be proud about!
!) coded in by the glog!!!  with equalazer by revils!!!     
and again... if u see mjh from exizus , be 
care he is a gay boy !!! you can lose you virginity!!! 
also soon coming$ post box to vammala$hq!   so read 
our scrollies very carefully, to know when our addres changes!!!             
end of fuckmare!!! at last !!!