jsmosaic                                   nitro2k01
========                         __________=========
What: 512 byte javascript mosaic
When: 25 July 2005 (Release date. Written a couple of 
		weeks before)
Why: Boredom
Size: 512 byte
Runs on: FF and IE
Desc: jsmosaic was written as a first small javascript
		demo. It's not too fun to watch, but for it's
		size and considering the that it is written in
		a script language, I think it's ok. Note that
		it is totally written in DOM javascript, that
		is a for loop and bunch of createElement calls
		not using 256 premade div's. To get size to a 
		bare minimum I've used such obscure shrinking
		techniques as defining 16 as one letter 
		variable. In other words you couldn't change
		the size of the mosaic to 15*15 without having 
		the file grow. ('cause 16 is used as a 
		constant elsewhere)
		Wee! The nfo is already bigger than the demo!
		More coming soon... Byebye!