PAiN (02/01) by Pain Staff [web]

i felt like writing an info file for this issue of PAiN. so here i am
writing it. this is really very elite and lets me have a better sleep

PAiN requires a computer to run. one with windows on it. some newer
version like 95+. and it requires a screen, because it needs to display

if you encounter problem running PAiN, please make sure you depacked
it with pkunzip -d (means, you need to have a subdirectory called

the first time since we have the new engine (must be 2 years soon),
the no-sound option really works. you can now also read PAiN if you
do not have a soundcard in your machine. 

and because we're cool, we also managed to make PAiN work under
linux. just get yourself the latest wine (windows emulator) and
enjoy the pain...

ah if you think your computer has crashed while loading the issue: just
believe me i hasn't. it just takes a bit longer to unpack this issue
than the issues before.

what else? go and vote for the next issue of PAiN at

this release won the democompetition at mekka symposium 2001.