don't stop by Portal Process

don't stop
win32 demo
portal process
assembly 2005
(party version)


svok: code
sam: code
snarling: 3d, graphics
gloom: music, graphics
kusma: graphics

__some short technical comments:

this demo requires at least geforce3 level hardware,
but a capable geforce4-level or better is recommended.

nvidia cards are known to work best with our demo-
system. especially the shadows are known to have
some issues on other cards.

please note that the party-version tends to hang on
the last scene in the demo if you have an ati-card.
also; it eats ut your memory like you wouldn't believe,
so if you want to run this version you should probably
have more than 512 mb of memory in your computer.

sorry about that - it will be fixed VERY shortly!


portalp at gmail dot com

__the story behind:

we began working on this demo a very short while
before the party (same old story), and it was
"completed" with the deadline breathing down our
necks (making us miss all of the thursday and
friday boozing!)


we'd like to say hello to a lot of people,
but here are some of them:

aardbei, ananasmurska, acme, array, asd, 
boozing kupoz, bypass, coma, conspiracy,
contraz, crusaders, darkzone, ephidrena, 
excess, fairlight, gollum, granma, haujobb,
hullkortmasters, ifb, inf, keyboarders, komplex,
kvasigen, nocturnal, purple, progress, prone,
proxima, playpsyco, prefect, progress, pxag,
razor 1911, rebels, sorrox, skulls, spaceballs,
tbl, tpb, tls, tufs, unique, yaphan..

..and all the people we forgot!

__special thanks:

ville - for being a patient and pleasant
compo organizer. :)

navis - for being such a down to earth guy
while still producing the best demo of the

sir garbagetruck - for helping us out with
a secondary computer to run the demo on.

GLee by Ben Woodhouse 
UniquE RAR File Library