DemoVT by VangeliSTeam

              - DemoVT - A VangeliSTeam production of 1993-1994 -

            At last,  here's  the  long-awaited  (hehe)  DemoVT, a music
        system suitable to be used in  graphics  demonstrations,  games,
        etc.  It  supports all SoundBlasters and SB-compatibles like the
        Pro Audio Spectrum line  of  cards;  and,  of course, the Gravis

            This is the second release of the  program;  we  have  added
        more  interfaces to the original, ASM-only library: TurboPascal,
        C (Turbo, Borland and MicroSoft  for  real mode, Watcom + Dos4GW
        for 32-bit protected mode), and Tran's great PMode DOS-Extender.
        Also, the interface to DemoVT has been improved. Read  about  it
        in the file WhatsNew.Doc.

            The examples that come  with  the  different  libraries  are
        quite  different  from  each  other, but the capabilities of the
        libraries are exactly the  same  (even in protected mode!). They
        range from boring text-mode examples to the volume bar party  of
        the  Pascal  example  of our Finnish Fractal Landscape Generator
        (Finnishcape). Browse thru  the  files  and  you might find some
        code of interest. The .MOD file was composed and written by  COI
        in about ten minutes.

            Now,  let's talk about the price of all this. We'll be fast:
        DemoVT and all  the  files  in  this distribution are absolutely
        free in terms of money! If you find anything of  use,  you  only
        have  to  pay  by  crediting and greeting VangeliSTeam/Iguana in
        your production. OK,  all  this  is  explained in the DemoVT.Doc


                VangeliSTeam members:

         JCAB  - All of it.

           Contributions by:

         Code  -  Carlos Fern ndez Sanz,  Luis Crespo,  H‚ctor Mart¡nez,
                  Manuel Petit, CodeBlue (No PAS support yet... O:-)),
                  ARM, Jare, Cesar Alba and Carlos Quintero.

         Betatesting - Nefron, Javier Olmo, N‚stor Matas, Phil Carlisle.

                Iguana members:

         JCAB      - Coder
         JARE      - Coder
         ARM       - Coder
         Mikel     - Sysop/PR
         COI       - Graphics/Music
         Yann      - Coder
         Noisy Man - Music
         Nefron    - Betatesting/PR
         Parasite  - PR/Internet lurker/Parties
         Thryxxon  - Music
         ReD Devil - Coder/Graphics

                To contact Iguana or the VangeliSTeam, write to

         Mail     - Juan Carlos Arevalo
                    Apdo. Correos 156405

         SoundNet - 34:2000/200.16, 34:1000/100
         FidoNet  - 2:341/27.16, 2:345/805
         CDNet    - 94:620/201.1, 94:620/200
         Internet - jarevalo@dit.upm.es
         Voice    - +34-1-415-8499

                Or try the BBSs listed in the file DISTSITE.NFO.

           We   make   commercial   demos,  games  and  other  kinds  of
        software. Don't hesitate to contact us!



         DemoVT : JCAB.

         Libraries and examples: Jare, JCAB and ARM.

           Tools  used  include  Borland  compilers,  LZEXE  by  Fabrice
        Bellard, Animator and DeluxePaint, LHArc, ARJ by Robert K. Jung,
        QEdit, Boxer, Tech!  Help,  HelpPC,  lots  of  sources from VLA,
        Tran, PSI and others, and many more I'm sure I've forgot.


        Come on! Stop reading this trash and make a demo!

                Madrid, Sunday 17th, April 1994.