PicChar v0.1 by Silicon Limited [web]

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                     ÛÛÛÛÛÛ°Û°ÛÛÛ²Û²   ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ±ÛÛÛ²±²Û
                     ²ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛßßßßßßß   ßßßßßßß²ÛÛ²ÛÛÛÛ
                     ±²±ÛÛÛÛÛ                 ÛÛ²ÛÛÛÛÛ
                     °±²²ÛÛÛÛ                 ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ

                     ÛÛ²²ÛÛÛÛ                 ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ
                     ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ                 ÛÛÛ±ÛÛÛÛ
                     ÛÛÛÛ²ÛÛÛÛÛ²²ÛÛÛ   ÛÛÛÛÛ²ÛÛÛ²ÛÛÛÛÛ
                     ÛÛ²ÛÛ²±°±²ÛÛ²ÛÛ   ÛÛÛÛ²±°±²ÛÛ²±°Û

           - t h e - f u t u r e - h a s - a n - a t t i t u d e - 

       Wiggle your dick in a public place: Picchar 0.1 by Silicon Ltd.

- A multimediavirtualrealitycyberspaceinternetgroovy-computer
  running Windows Whatever

- NOTES - 

  Remember those tools which converted your hires/koala pictures into a
  Yeah, those so called 'CharWandlers'.

  PicChar does the same thing for you. 
  Only this time on your Windows PC and instead of converting 1 picture into
  a charset, PicChar enables you to convert up to 8 pictures into 1 charset.
  The tool is pretty straightforward. 
  The only thing should know is about the Save Fix option.

  Normally, the 2 first bytes of a C=64 program contain the hi and lo pointer
  of the memory-location where the file should be loaded.
  If you want to use the converted pictures on a real C=64 or emulator,
  you should turn the Save Fix option *OFF*! Then those 2 bytes will be saved
  with the file.

  By default the Save Fix-option is *ON* (so no 2 heading bytes,
  remember that!) because I mainly made this tool for cross-development users
  and I found those 2 heading bytes quite annoying.
  Oh, before I forget. PicChar spits out a maximum of 9 different files;
  *.chr and *.sc?
  Where the *.chr is the charset and *.sc? are the screens (? equals
  the picturenumber loaded in memory).

  Well, I guess that's about it.
  If you find any bugs, have requests or whatever, contact me at:

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  Anubis and everybody who still believe in the C=64!


  This material is not freeware.  You are allowed to copy it without
  restrictions for non-commercial use.
  No payment of any kind may be charged for this product or any
  combination of products or services including this product without
  our authorization and official written license.
  Commercial use, especially the industrial manufacturing on any
  data storage media and their distribution without the expressed
  permission of the producer, is strictly prohibited.
  This program or the data files contained therein may not be altered
  or modified without the permission of the author.
  You take full responsibility for the operation of this software and
  any consequences thereof.  We the creators cannot accept liability
  for damages or failures arising from the use of this software.

  In simpler language: if we find Silicon Ltd.-stuff on a commercial cdrom,
  we're gonna fucken kill you!