Dolphinvictory by 7th cube [web]

presented at Evoke 2005
Tournesol           GFX
Paniq               MSX
Fuzzy           GFX/MSX
matt current		19%
speckdrumm		22%
neuro/concept		16%
farbrausch		7%
tpolm			15%
digital overflow	12%
black maiden		9%
vantage			17%

And a big thanks to Memon for his great tool.

Welcome to Dolphinvictory. Yes, this is Dolphinvictory. The best 
Dolphinvictory you can get on the free commercial market. Obviously, 
plagiates have already been produced, containing chickens and the like, 
but dont be fooled: that demo was a scam. It does in no way compare to 
the real Dolphinvictory. It is Unique, never been seen before, 
convincing, glorious, perfect. Creating such a production takes years of
hard work. In fact, the crunch was so tight, some of our 200 monkeys 
broke down in the middle of the project and had to be replaced. No 
wonder: Dolphinvictory features new, exciting technology: 
multithreading! Rendering and sound mixing are done in two different 
threads! By the way, I don't know a single thing about dolphins, but I'm
well informed about boobs. Hmmmm, boobs. I could actually talk about 
boobs the whole day long. But they can't actually outsmart canned 
dolphin. Each one of these cans is made out of 24.000 polygons, to 
accurately reflect the roundness of real cans. These days, with modern 
graphics card, everything is possible! Anyway, stop wondering what the 
hell is going on, and enjoy the great demos that are about to come... as
all of them will contribute to Dolphinvictory!

+---+       Dolphinvictory!         +---+
| . |                               | . |
| O |  \0/    \o/    O   \o/    o/  | O |
|(.)|  //     //    //\   \\   /\\  |(.)|
+---+  \\    / \   / \    / \   //  +---+
     "die elektronische Musik saugt"

stop reading, there is nothing here

really, trust me :)

hehe, still reading?

Dolphins will take over the world!