Demo Box by Cizar&SeLLeN Laboratory

                        group - Cizar&SeLLeN Laboratory
=====================>  |         DemO BOx :)         |  <=====================
                           created for Symphony 2005

It's a simple hardware which has been made in one purpose: to show a demo. 
It needs only power-source.

Making 2 pcs of hardware and coding has occupied 7 days  ( or more nights )

 CPU:      Atmel AVR AtMega128  (8bit, 16MHz)

 RAM:      128KB (used less then 32kB)

 Video:    128x64 B/W LCD display

 Sound:    no sound :( - in avi music is from PC
           (in next version i think will be SID, PAULA or maybe both)

If anyone have any questions or want's just to say whatever - write to:

   SeLLeN - sellen@sellen.pl  /  Cizar - szymonnnn@poczta.onet.pl

     Greetings to all Scene People and see You again on the next parties!