High Pressure

 NAID'95 High Pressure Intro by.. US!
 (Released on: April 23st 1995)

 GUS or NOSOUND only..

 Gravis Ultrasound users: Don't forget to use ULTRINIT before running this
                          little intro.

 This intro has been ranked third in the intro compo at NAID 1995, held
 Montreal. Everything was QUICK coded in 6 hours so nothing has been optimized.

 My computer crashed a lot of times during the 6 hours and my hard disk
 drive crashed 5 minutes before the intro compo deadline so we are sorry if
 you are disapointed because our intro sucks.. 

 We didn't expect to have the third place because this was written "just for
 fun of it".. There is a bug present on some computers.. The flame with the
 x-fading writer bugs on several computers when GUS sound is enabled, I don't
 want to spend more time debugging it so better chance next time.. <grin>

 Anyway, the intro will need some kilobytes on your hard drive for writing
 some files. Why? Because we are not very proud of this production so we are
 not going to spend several additional minutes to link all files to one .EXE

 Also, the julia part doesn't work on a computer which doesn't have a
 math co-processor because nothing has been optimized and was coded in a
 hurry in Turbo C language (with co-processor option).

 And at last, why did we signed "US"? Simply because we made this intro
 "just for the fun" and don't wanna sign our respective group name.

 PS: "US.. Always moving the deadline.." Why did we wrote this?
     Because the intro was delayed twice (20h30 to midnight,
     midnight to 3h00) :>

 Here are the credits..
 Quick Coding       Hybrid, Zed & The Specialist
 Quick rendering    Mouck
 Quick Graphics     Someone
 Quick Music        Someone else
 Quick Ansi         Young

 If you wanna contact us, just for laughing about this intro or whatever,
 feel free to call me voice or mail me via internet, mail, BBS.

 Internet: albert.dang-vu@relais.upc.qc.ca
 BBS     : Imagina - (418) 628-3867 - Sysop: White Wizard - 21.6kbps (No-Ratio)
 Mail    : Albert Dang-Vu (a.k.a. Hybrid)
           4945 Thorigny avenue
           Charlesbourg, Quebec (Canada)
           G1H 4M1     

 Quick greets.. Everyone at NAID, The Veritech Knight, Young, White Wizard,
 The Extremist, Mouck, Sky Knight, Theolius, Trixie, Little Monster, Chainon
 and all people livin' around us..