Small by Nuclear Meltdown Productions [web]

                           Ûßßßß ÜÜ ÜÜ ÜÜÜ Ü   Ü
                           ßßßßÛ Û ß Û ÛÜÛ Ý   Ý
                           ßßßßß ß   ß ß ß ßßß ßßß

                - by Clueless / Nuclear Meltdown Productions -

            - a 96 byte (!) 4k intro from the NAiD '96 demoparty -

Code & Design:  Clueless
Design:         Joe Snow

Contact Info
See accompanying group information file, NMINFO13.TXT.

This intro was made for fun to show off my technical skill.  No wait,
that's not it.  It was made for fun to have something to enter in another
competition at NAID '96.  Yeah, that's it.  =)

Oh well, hopefully I'll be able to claim the smallest entry of any
competition at the entire party.

Oh, and Joe Snow had the idea to make it exactly 96 bytes (I had to add
a couple NOPs to reach that).

- Wally/TLOTB
- everyone at NAiD '96 (Vector, Atomic Dreamer, Kain, etc)
- Apraxia
- Hornet

Clueless' Tip of the Day
People posting on the comp.sys.ibm.pc.demos newsgroup should settle down.

Thanks for downloading this file, I hope it provided you with some sort
of mild entertainment.  Drop me some email if you get a chance
(see NMINFO13.TXT).

cya l8r

                                        - Clueless '96