LLFB Docs #30 by Lloret Free Byte [web]

Short:        DOCS LLFB #30 (spanish diskmag) [1/6]
Author:       dardo@iponet.es (Dardo/LLFB)
Uploader:     dardo iponet es (Dardo/LLFB)
Type:         demo/mag
Architecture: m68k-amigaos

  For installation (the first disk --main program--):

    - Format a blank disk (OFS/SFS) with the name "Docs1"
      & make bootable, with Install command for example.
    - Create the C, DEVS (& DEVS/Printers), L and S drawers.
    - Unpack the .lha file in this disk
      (others drawers will be created).
    - From your Workbench disk, copy into "Docs1" disk...
      * the Setpatch & FastMemFirst commands in C drawer.
      * the parallel.device (or serial.device) and printer.device
        in DEVS drawer
      * your printer driver in DEVS:Printers/ (default: Generic).
      * the Disk-Validator (WB <=1.3), Port-Handler
        & Ram-Handler (WB <= 1.3) in L drawer.
      * the diskfont.library & iffparse.library in LIBS directory.

  This disk contains the executable.
  The others disks contain the articles and an editor.



              Editorial                           Fanatic
              Cartas                              Radio-TV
              Enredos                             Cine
              Delta                               Espace Opera
              Amiga                               Música
              Anuncios                            HIFI
              PC                                  Deporte
              Mac                                 Foto
              Consolas                            Art
              Argentina                           Rol
              Lechón Rulez                        Motor
              Copon King                          Cocina
              Relatos                             Eco
              Poesía                              Corasón
              Teatro                              Dok
              Libros                              Sexo
              Comic                               Viajes


Legal notes:


   Coding & montage
   Copyright © Lobo/LLFB

   Helping coding

   Graphics, fonts & coordination
   Copyright © God/LLFB

   Helping graphics

   Magazine music (module "A bit of anime")
   Copyright © NUKU² / Future Brain

   AMOS by François Lionet

   ADD21KB by ????

   ReqTools library by © 1991-94 Nico François &
                         1995-96 Magnus Holmgren