21st Century Digital Boy by Spanish Lords

          2 1 S t   C E N T U R Y    D I G I T A L    B O Y
                      Another fine production of
              ³é     ú ÄÄ Ä   Ä   ú ÄÄÄ Ä     ÄÄ     Ä é³
              ³  ÜÜÜÜÜ ÜÜÜÜÜ ÜÜÜÜÜ ÜÜÜÜÜ Ü ÜÜÜÜÜ Ü ú Ü  ³
              ³  ÜÜÜÜÜ ÜÜÜÜÜ ÜÜÜÜÛ Ü   Û Û ÜÜÜÜÜ ÛÜÜÜÛ  ³
              ³  ÜÜÜÜÛ Û     Û   Û Û ú Û Û ÜÜÜÜÛ Û   Û  ³
              ³³ úÄ   Ü ÄúÙ ÜÜÜÜÜ ÜÜÜÜ  ÜÜÜÜ  ÜÜÜÜÜ     ³
              ³    ³  Û ú   Ü ú Ü ÜÜÜÜß Ü   Û ÜÜÜÜÜ  ú  ³
              ³ú      ÛÜÜÜÜ ÛÜÜÜÛ Û ú Û ÛÜÜÜÛ ÜÜÜÜÛ    ³³
              ³é    ú     Ä     ú ÄÄÄ Ä  Ä     ú       é³
                                               since 1993
      Presented at Euskal Party V' 97 held in San Sebastian, Spain.
       3D Blaster support has been included in the final version.

            Spanish demoscene WeB http://www.demos.ergos.es
     You can find our works at: http://www.demos.ergos.es/slords
                WHQ - BlasterSound BBS   34-58-293583

                  1.   C O P Y R I G H T  L I C E N S E
  This material is not freeware. You are allowed to copy it without
  restrictions for non-commercial use.

  No payment of any kind may be charged for this product or any combination
  of products or services including this product without our authorization
  and official written license.

  Commercial use, especially the industrial manufacturing on any data
  storage media and their distribution without the expressed permission of
  the producer, is strictly prohibited.

  This program or the data files contained therein may not be altered or
  modified without the permission of the author.

  You take full responsibility for the operation of this software and any
  consequences thereof. We the creators can not accept liability for damages
  or failures arising from the use of this software.

                       2.   R E Q U I R E M E N T S
        - Pentium 120 recommended.
        - 16 Mb of RAM recommended (8 Mb should be enough).
        - VBE 2.0 recommended.
        - 3D Blaster PCI supported during vector part.
        - HDD cache recommended.
        - GUS (1024k of memory) or Sound Blaster card. Sound Blaster
          family does not work as fine as GUS with MikMod sound system, but
          it isn't a serious problem.
        - Ms DOS, not Windows XX.(Vector engine hangs W95 (XChip rulez)).

                         3.   C R E D I T S
        Video Engine .......................... Mitra
        2D Effects ............................ Crom & Mitra
        Vector Engine ......................... XChip
        PolyFillers ........................... Mitra
        Additional support .................... Crom
        3D Blaster support .................... Crom & Mitra
        Music ................................. NoisyMan
        Graphics .............................. SilkFm
                 .............................. Gore Render
        Girls GFX ............................. Crom
        3D-Modelling .......................... I don't know (XChip?)

        PMODE/W ............................... Tran & Daredevil
        MIKMOD Sound System ................... MikMad / HardCode.

                     4.   M E M B E R  L I S T

        Handle          | Name                  | Function
        Crom            | Pedro Ant¢n Alonso    | Code & Graphics
        Mitra           | Fernando Ant¢n Alonso | Code
        XChip           | Raul Aguaviva         | Code
        BXB             | Fernando Colomer      | Code
        Mystic          | Jose Antonio Diez     | Music
        JASS            | Jose Angel ??BRAIN??  | Music
           Visit our WEB site: http://demos.ergos.es/slords

  We are SEARCHING graphicians, and a good musician. If you are one and you
  wanna work with us, contact us.

                       5.   G R E E T I N G S
  ( no particular order )
                                         and all Spanish demoscene groups.

  Luis Crespo  Gonzo  Nefron  Jorge (THE gfx boy) Hector Martinez  Jare
  Yann-Raquel  JCAB  Captain Bit  OLS  COI  ARM  Unai Landa  VaW  Tanis
  Carlos Casares  Sabino  Crackman  Jorge Cabezas  Mikel  Lord Matrix
  Marathon Man  Requiem boys  Sergio DJ  Javier Marco  Astharoth  WiseFox
  Smash  Josep  Michael Abrash (simply... the best) and all people
  surely we have forgotten.

  Personal Greetings from Crom:
    Chan  Eduardo Garc¡a  Eduardo Moreno  Javier  Juan Luis  Estela.

                        6.   C O N T A C T I N G
     e-mail:    Crom : crom@ergos.es
                Mitra: mitra@ergos.es
                XChip: xchip@ergos.es

                   7.   T R O U B L E S H O T T I N G
   * You have a GUS and a message error appears.
       You need 1 Mb of GUS memory.
   * 21st crash under Windows 95.
       Sorry vector engine doesn't work correctly. Try to execute this demo
       under MS-DOS 7.0 (Windows version).
   * You get an out of memory error.
       If the first screen shows you less than 6 Mb of free memory, you
       won't have enough memory for watching this demo.
   * Your screen stops a moment between two effects.
       You have a slow HDD, try to install a disk cache.
   * Your 3D Blaster doesn't work using 15 bpp.
       Sorry, this could be a 3D Blaster bug. There aren't 8 reserved bits
       in this mode, only one ;)
   * You have a Sound Blaster and you get bad noise sometimes.
       We call polling function at 18.2 Hz but this isn't really true when
       the demo reads from disk and when the demo changes the video mode.
   * You have a 3D Blaster attached and the demo doesn't detect it.
       We only support a 3D Blaster PCI or CGL file isn't found.

                        8.   C O M M E N T S
   We don't really want any comments about this demo. It has been a fast
  not so good work (it would look nicer), but we are proud of having
  finished it, so please, do not send us any comment about this demo.
  Anyway, we think that the code we developed for this demo is our best,
  probably this demo would look nicer if we had had a good 3D graphician.

   Report us only the problems you could have running this work.

   Music has been composed just sampling. The real authors of the song
  are a group called Bad Religion. The sampling work was made by NoisyMan.
  I think that the song is under a copyright law, but this is a
  non-lucrative work, and, under my relative point of view, it wouldn't mean
  any problem for the authors. If I get any bad comment from them, we will
  simply search another song for this demo.

   Code has been developed during a long year of work. Really, the code is
  better than the final result, but we are not really good at making the
  things to look nice. It should work on any RGB or BGR video card. It is
  recommended that you have VBE 2.0, but it will work if you don't. On the
  contrary, if you don't have it, you won't get real-time antialiasing and
  dithering unless you run the demo under 13h mode :(

    3D engine is a real good piece of code. We wanted to make about three
  minutes of 3D animation, but we did not get a real good 3DS (sorry
  Javier). Anyway, you can appreciate the quality of the engine in the
  little part included here.

    3D Blaster support has been possible due to Creative Labs colaboration,
  thanks Josep for believing in us.

 If you find any grammar fault here, pass this DOC under a grammar corrector.

                                           Spanish Lords Aug 1997
                               God is "real" unless is declared as "integer"