Brain Drain by Twin Sectors Inc.

   -= Twin Sectors presents our latest shit called BRAIN DRAIN ! =-
     -Remember: Smiling can make you nicer, n extends yor life !-

      So, this is a little joke from us. Don't take it seriously...
        The 'project' was about a week, the main work was to make
          some nasty ideas .'-) (wow this face is sumthing new)

                    Credits for this 'Demo':

   Modplayer: Jones / Twin Sectors
   Cruncher:  Dada  / Twin Sectors

   Gfx[?] + !Ideas! + Code[?]: TSC    / Twin Sectors
   HardCode[?]               : Gene   / Twin Sectors
   Some help:                : Greg   / Twin Sectors
                               Maques / Twin Sectors
   Music[??]                 : T-Bozz / Twin Sectors

   Our releases so far:

   Scrolland   -  VGA/SB demo       [TSI'92 party 2nd prize]
   ProFX       -  VGA/SB demo       [CCCCP party, but there was no PC compo]
   Monolith    -  VGA/SB megademo   [Touch party winner]
   TSIntro     -  VGA/SB intro      [ABDCP1 party winner]
   Megalomania -  VGA/SB demo       [ANDCP2 party winner]
   Mystic      -  VGA/SB demo       [INBLOOM party 2nd prize]
   Brain Drain -  VGA/SB fuckery    [ORGAN-ABS-ZOOLOOK party winner]

   Music related progs:

   Splayer 0.0 -> 2.4  - C00l modplayer (2.5 now 32 channels !)
   Jones Tracker       - 4 channel mod-editor
   Protracker 1.2      - Nice Amiga conversion

 Our HUNGARIAN members are [there is no foreigner section]:

           Alias:           Name:              Status:
           Ben              F”ldi Benj min     Graphics
           Dada             Werner Zsolt       Coder, swapper, zine
           Dix              Barta Bal zs       Graphics
           Egg              P lyi Bal zs       Coder
           Genesis          Szab¢ Norbert      Coder
           Greg             Dervarics Gergely  Coder, LEADER
           Ian              T¢th Norbert       Graphics
           Jones            Tam s J nos        Coder
           Maques           Funk G bor         Coder, cracker
           Psycho           Hauzer G bor       Coder
           TSC              Szab¢ G bor        Coder, swapper
           T-Bozz           Frick Rich rd      Musician

 Call one of our BBSs: DUNE II  : +36-62-367-359 [22h-8h]          WHQ
                       PESTI BBS: +36-1-276-5398 MON-FRI [22h-05h] EHQ

                       [Accept no illegal wares. Only scene & shareware]

 Contact TSC/TSI: Szab¢ G bor 
                  6800 H¢dmez“v s rhely
                  Somogyi B‚la u. 26.

 We need members worldwide !!! Contact us faaast ! ciao ! ;-)

 By the way, here are the real greets from TSC (random):

 Future Crew [esp. Abyss & PSI & Gore]
 Majic 12 
 Grif [yo TRS & Ratt !]
 Abaddon [esp. Kapor & eNeF]
 Amnesty [yo Spidy !]
 Organ [hi Bano & Teo !]
 GSH [hi Shadow !]
 Ultra Force
 The Yellow Ones
 Toxic Zombies [Palbearer]
 Acces Denied
 Triumwyrat [good old Sylvio]
 Synergy Design
 The Brain Slayer
 ...and all demo freaks around EVERYwhere... thank you....