Insert Coins by Traction [web] & deMarche


       Traction and deMarche entertain you with
                   Insert Coins
             The Ultimate Meeting 2005

 Hi, Preacher on the keys here... This time it's a coop between Traction and deMarche. 
 This was originally supposed to be a collection of effects with nice transitions, but 
 it turned out to be an "entertaining" demo about entertainment. At least this time 
 I cannot be faulted for trying to make something that would speak on a non-primal level.. 
 it's still mostly lines though. Maybe I do have a fetish.
 Full credits:

   - Code: Preacher (effects)
           Vulture (engine + the effect in the credits scene)
  - music: Leopart
  - Design: Preacher
            + some other people who saw previews
  - Font: Pizzadude (http://www.pizzadude.dk), though I edited it a bit.


 And FYI: there are two hidden keys. Nothing major, though.