Drift by AnthillUnlimited

Music To My Ears for TMDC8

Credits are as follows:
Code:  Reaper_Unreal
Music: Haz
Art:   Reaper_Unreal
Font:  Khavo

The samples from the music are attributed to:
Synth:         Bill Allen
Drums:         Artemio and Emillo
Cymbal Sample: Burnttoys

Info About The Demo
Coded in roughly 1 month in MSVC .NET 2003.
A total of 6681 lines of code.
Runs off of a rasterizer.

Info About Tech:
In a test scene, the rasterizer managed to push far over 6000 polygons.
Rasterizer capable of wireframe, Lambert, Gourad, and Phong shading. Gourad was used in the demo.
Originally a raytracer was supposed to be used, but due to issues with speed and transformations, a rasterizer was used instead.

Misc Info and Bugs:
There is a lingering bug that makes the demo refuse to run on certain Athlon XP machines. There is no known cause. Chances are that it's a virus that messing with the system, or a rabbit in the Gibson. The demo has been tested to work on a P4 3.2Ghz, Athlon64 4000+, AthlonXP 2000+, Pentium M 1.6Ghz, P4 2.6Ghz. Most were running WinXP SP2, some running WinXP SP1a.
Included is a compatibility version with all processor-specific optimizations turned off in case you want to run the demo on something like a Cyrix or Epia, or in case you encounter any processor-specific problems.
Most of the calculations for the demo were done by hand on the back of used pieces of paper, making a stack of paper roughly 1cm high.

Things Learned:
Calculus is the best thing ever to come to math.
When allocating memory, ensure that you're allocating a defined about of memory.
Hand-optimized assembly can go a long way to speeding things up.
Assembly is not a substitution for a good algorithm.
Conditional breakpoints are awesome.
Sleep is for the weak, and me.
Always have a graphing calculator handy when trying to make formulas.
Globals are not for wussies.

Thanks to all the TMDC8 organizers for making this competition possible.