Organic by Calodox & Nowadays

                                                       o  r  g  a  n  i  c 

                                                     64k ú w i r e d ' 9 8

                                                             c a l o d o x
                                                           n o w a d a y s
   what else to  s a y  ?

     dake      main code
     zpider    vesa, misc. routines
     rodex     trifiller, misc. routines
     leto      misc. routines
     fred      logos
     phred     music

                                            moral & code  s u p p o r t  ?

                                                        hyphen / static  
                                         submissive for the tiny system  
                                                   pascal for MXMplayer  

   this  i n t r o  crashes ?

     12 meg of ram
     and a GUS
     no emm386 - no Win95 - just himem
     vesa probs ? SDD helps in most cases :

                          you  w a n t  to know more about us, don't you ?