Heat by Dilemma [web]

                                 H   E   A   T

                    a small OpenGL sixtyfour kilobytes intro
                                  to Flag'2000


                      NAP - OpenGL engine, texturegenerator
                       objectgenerators, and all the rest

                        SED - soundtrack, a bit of idea

                              EZAH - DILEMMA logo

                       BRIX - timer routine, help in code

                               with the help of

                     Elitegroup - mxm player for DirectSound
                            based on Pascal's MxmPlay

                           MicroSoft - Visual C/C++

               Jacob Navia, C.W. Fraser, Dave Hanson - Lcc linker

                 Laszlo Molnar & Markus Oberhumer - UPX packer


                      linking time was very short for me

                     copyright (c) MM - Dilemma - Hungary