Delirious Demo 2 by Overlanders [web]

Some informations about the patched version of The Delirious Demo 2 by OVR!
- protection removed
- disk format standardized
- even the copier demo was patched and work perfectly (a little bit optimised !)
Here it is an (incomplete) screen list:
(Just to help you with the numbers!)
1-The Docdots Demo
2-The Megascroller 2
3-The Crazy Stars Demo
4-The Odd Dragon Demo
5-The Celestial Spiral
6-The Maxiballs
7-The Tetradist
8-The Bof Demo
9-The 3D Demo
10-The Horror Pictures Show
Hidden Screen-The Boot Sectors Compil
(Click in the middle of the left side of O of the OVR logo)
(Sometimes crash on exit!)

You can boot on a hard disk even if the disk was in the drive by maintaining
the Shift or the Ctrl key down during a few seconds just when the Led of drive 
light on !
If you to bypass the presentation you can hold down the Alt key just when the 
fade out start until the text appears...

Good Fun :)
Mr Bee, The 08/29/97!
Ps: My preferate screen is The TetraDist (also becoz of the music!)