Jade by Shock!

           "j a d e" - a shock! production - for the party'96

           code tsc & genesis
           music deansdale

           running length 2:42

           thanks to tran for pm/w, das for the logo, murphy for bumping tips
           gus and -nosound supported, sorry sb owners
           needs some memory and hd space
           p5 recommended

           where is our 40k infofile?

           da greetz

           abaddon, astroidea, axioma, byteam, capanna, caterpillar
           controlled dreams, criminal gang, dark legions, darkside
           dentifrice, dinasty, d-eyes, enlightenment, exact 
           exceed, exhumers, fiction, firg, fresh
           illumination, impact, iris, jamm, %lz 
           logic design, majic twelve, mandula
           murmidones, opium, orange, promise
           pulse, remal, the black lotus
           thitanium, tpu, tsi, unicorn

           yes, there is more shit to come, so
           this is not our last intro

           and this is shock at the moment

           atx - music, pr
           das - gfx
           deansdale - music
           genesis - code
           rian - music
           trajic - music
           true - rendering
           tsc - code, music

           say hello to tsc@master.fok.hu
                     or atx@freeside.elte.hu