Wired 96 report by Sanction [web]

1. Introduction

Hi guys (and girls, of course) !

 First of all:

 Even if we had a positive backfeed from our first report,
 this is again not the planned support, because the real engine
 got not bugfixed in time.

 The real engine will be ready for mekka'97 report in 3 months.

2. Information

 You will need at least 8Mb to run this because all of the
 JPEGs are loaded at the beginning.

 And a gfx card with 640x480 hicolor mode....

 Because of a HD-Crash I was not able to collect plain text reports,
 but you can find all results in the file results.txt.

3. Limitations and Warnings

- Please boot clean, this means you should not install any driver except
  Himem and Vesa.
  Otherwise your system might crash or you'll lack memory.

- If you have a SB-comp. Card, you must set your Blaster-environment !

- You need an external or internal vesa-driver which supports
  640x480 in HIcolor mode (65536 colors).

  Attention, some drivers like "TLIVESA" don't do this.
  Nothing strange will happen, but you will end up at the report-screen
  with 65286 colors missing :

  To be save : Use UniVBE 5.x

4. Credits

  - Text: Bee-Man
  - Reporter at Mekka (Photos) : Bee-Man

  - Music and little GFX: Matrix

  - BackgroundGfx, Design and Coding: Cohnen

  - Text and Picture Modifications : Kilroy

  - Thanx to Bjoern Reichert for Photo Shooting and scanning

 Greetings Cohnen/Sanction