1 week by Contraz [web]


               1 Week 

Amiga 64k-intro for Mekka Symposium 2001

             By Contraz



Code & design: Dran
Additional 3d-code: Zelow
Sound: Frequent/Ephidrena



	Amiga with AGA chipset
	16MB Fastram


	Amiga with AGA chipset
	MC68060, 50/66mhz 
	16MB Fastram
	Setpatch installed

Do NOT install Oxypatcher/Cyberpatcher!!!  For some
strange reason it seems to have the wrong effect.
It slows down the intro



About 2-3 weeks before TP2K I decided to make an intro
in a real hurry (as usual :-) )  But as the deadline got 
closer and closer and the project looked more and more 
promising I decided to wait and try to make the intro
better.  And for once I'm actually pleased with the 
result. Also a big thank must go to Frequent/Ephidrena  
for making the cool tune used in this intro.

Hopefully you'll notice that this intro is more about 
design than coding.  Kind of the opposite of the style 
that CTZ used to do before :-).  Also I tried to make
the theme a little more meaningful than before. 
How is your typical week?  How do you feel on mondays?
"You see?", "Yeah, deep man, deep.." :-)

The code in this intro is probably not to fast so if 
you're running it on a "below-060" Amiga then you might
not get the best speed.  Another thing to notice is that
the intro runs in 640*128 hires which might have 
impact on speed on certain configuration.  Also be sure 
to install Setpatch before running, as metioned in the 
Configuration section.

The intro contain some strange bugs and eats a lot of 
mem.  If there is any demand I'll make a bugfixed and
optimized version.  Please contact me if you're



Apathy, Embassy, Ephidrena, Gods, Haujobb, Iris, Loonies, 
Nature, Spaceballs, Squirrelz, Tolou, Triumph and all 
we forgot.



Dran:       erik.nordby@nhst.no
Zelow:      martinzl@ifi.uio.no
Frequent:   freq_eph@hotmail.com