Airborn Doom by Instinkt

                                Airborn Doom v0.1
                             instinKt - Matthew Cotton

Well here it is. The first game I've put any effort into (at least non-web-based game). A simple shooter.
I had many more plans for this game, however I learnt a valuable lesson this time around. That is to plan
everything on paper before you start coding. That is everything! Right down to the last pixel, because
I was pleased with this game, right up untill a few months ago where I started hacking around bits of
code to get the desired result. This I'm fine with, for very small bits, but it got to a point where
everything was being hacked, and the code got worse and worse and I decided to let it go. Put it down to
experience and move on to the next game.

Enough of that, time to teach you how to play. It is very simple.
From the title screen, Enter starts the game. Your ship will move into position and you are put in control.

Arrow keys: movement.
Spacebar: fire.
Escape: exit.

Your ship can carry 5 weapons and each can be toggled with the number keys. Your default weapon is selected
to begin with, it can be toggled off and on with 1, and each consecutive weapon with the consecutive keys.

The display.
To the left is your ships shields. When this runs out, your ship is extreemly vulnerable and one shot will
kill you.
To the right is the ships energy. Weapons may use their own ammo or they may use energy, this will slowly
recharge over time.
The bottom bar displays the progress in the current level. When the bar reaches the end, the mission is over.
Your weapon icons are displayed in the bottom right of the screen, a border will appear around the weapons
currently in use.

Thats it! Don't die!

PS. If you're interested, the .dat file is just a zip file. Inside are the data files that make the game
tick, feel free to toy around with them, however I have no idea how stable it is. I did a bit of work to
make sure it would handle okay, but I by no means gave it very hard testing.

PPS. I will most likely be releasing the code very soon. If you are interested, contact me at