Smiley Squabble by Matt Stentiford

                  - Smiley  Squabble -

               A Game for Nullarbor 2006

                Designed and created by 

                 - Matt  Stentiford -

                     ( Thorgrim )


              Contact: stents@iinet.net.au

              Use this game your own risk!


      Windows 2000 / XP
      1.4 ghz CPU
      32 mb graphics card (Geforce 2 +)

      Windows XP
      1.8 ghz CPU
      64 mb graphics card (Geforce 3 +)


 In a not too distant future, smiley faces have manifested 
  from our computer screens into physical form.  They now 
 compete against one another in a continual struggle for 
   supremacy through challenges designed to determine 
                   The Ultimate Smiley.

 Developed using C++, OpenGL, Glut, Winsock and OpenAL

 It is advised that you only play multi-player games of 
 Smiley Squabble with people you know and trust. Due to the
 Insecure net code, the game could potentially be exploited.

     Big thanks to my dedicated QA team: 

     Commander Keane, Jezza, and my family.