Zombie Project by S0MEGuY & Silver_Marine & Crusader

Zombie Physics Test demo v0.11

Zombie Project 	// Game Demo


The Zombie Project game demo in this folder is a very early technology test demo of a game idea
developed by 'Crusader' and 'S0MEGuY' based around the idea of combining a simple co-operative
first-person shooter style game with fully interactive physics and ragdoll enemies.

The Slingshot and See-saw in this demo are for a physics demostration only of real-weight players
interacting freely with real-weight objects in the game scene, and to display the network
synconisation between each player while interacting with the objects.

The first-person camera is a feature slightly different to almost any other FPS game, which for us
came as-is from the game engine (3impact). The FPS camera allows infinite viewing direction. (Ie.
In this demo it is possible to look down so far that you can see behind you). A limit will be applied
later in development, however should still allow you to see your own feet.

The Ragdoll zombie in the underground cave is a highly modified demo of 3impact's ragdoll feature
which uses no animation sequences to move, and is also real weight at the same time. This is
generally difficult to accomplish correctly because of the weigh-down of its own body parts on any
movement created... The one in this demo proves its possible with motors on each limbs, (Ie. so that
if a limb is shot the limb moves with the force of the bullet or projectile, but also receives
accelleration force from the motor as the zombie tries to move the limb simultaneously.), this works
well but it is far from perfect at this stage.

Note about the network code - currently in this demo version, Starting a Dedicated Server may not work
because of conflicting last minute code in the build with the standard Start a Server mode.
Also Player one (the person who started the server) can accept incomming connections, on port 14000,
but will appear lagged or seem to skip if moving across the screen, but there will be no lag on their

Weapon code is also still under development in this build.


S0MEGuY 	// Michael.SG@gmail.com 	// Programmer
Crusader 	// comrad3.general@gmail.com 	// Level Developer & Modeller
Silver_Marine 	// silver.marine@gmail.com 	// Player Modeller

Used Material:

The player models and sky in this demo are defaults from the game engine and its resources. Our own
updated player models from Silver_Marine are not shown in this build.
The texture of the 1-tonne ball also comes from 3impact.

Game Engine:

System Requirements:
IBM PC Compatible CPU, 1Ghz+
256MB RAM minimum
Geforce 4MX minimum graphics adapter