Defrost by unik [web]

  u n i k

  d  e  f  r  o  s  t

  evoke2000 erlebt 64k

  music  a-move/park
  kode   warp

  minifmod by firelight multimedia   tinyptc by gaffer
  upx by laszlo molnar & markus oberhumer

  in case you want to send some feedback try
  a-move@gmx.de and warped@web.de (you won't do. i know!)

  it seems that this was the last intro of this type because
  i fell in love with those sexy 3d accelerators..

  bussi to xenon tomic dhg cer/dug.
  big master bussi to leopold for coming from cold finland to
  heated evoke - hope you have enjoyed.

  visit www.unik.ca.tc for more.
  meet us at dialogos 2000 or earlier.