Money Creates Taste by Warehouse & Camelot [web]

	¤Money Creates Taste§

OK here is the Final version of MCT with all parts working =)

We are once again sorry, to bring you another disordered
demo from the Warehouse clan.
This nerve-racking production was performed by the following

	Count0 of Warehouse
	Steve of Warehouse
	Vic of Camelot
	Metal of Vibrants
	Nep of Camelot


Count0 coded everything except the 360° panorama part which
was done 1 hour before upload by Nep-CML.
Vic did all graphics and remixed the music.
Steve did everything he was supposed to do.
Metal composed the music (Polyplex.xm) (mit liv som fisk).
Quick_player done by Count0.

last notes:
Count0 and Nep-CML, had many ideas for this demo but due to other
projects and time pressure we only manage to produce what
you see (including bugs). More or less everything was produced
in 3 days, Count0 made the MetaBalls part in only 2 days, with
no idea on how Marching Cubes worked (that must be some record?! ;) )
A part that never got finished by Nep-CML was a Rubrix Cube,
the reason for this was an overheated doctorV64 :/

extra intel: