Wet Dreams by Dynamix

       _____  /\._____ |\_.  _ ____  /\___.__.___
       \.__.\/  |  _  \|  | /.\\__ \/ _:__:  |  /
        |  | \__.  |   :  |/ | \| \  / |  |\   /
        |  :  \ |  |  \   |  _  \  \/  |  |/ : \
        |_____/ :  :__|\__|  |__/__||__|__/  |__RD
:                                                         :
:                                                         :
:  Platform    : N64    	          	    		    :
:  Packaged by : Immo                                     :
:  Date        : 25/04/1999      				    :

 Ok, here it is.
 My entry for the Presence Of Mind 99 Nintendo 64 Demo Compo.
 As you probably already noticed there are 4 .v64 files in 
 the .zip. These 4 roms together are my entry. I could have 
 put everything in 1 rom. BUT I didn't, coz this would prolly 
 have resulted in a 128 mbit rom, with 4 seperate parts in it.
 Because some parts will be looked at only one time and others 
 might be looked at a bit more, I seperated it. Watch the roms 
 in chronological order to enjoy the full effect of it.
 The first 3 are demos, the last is a beta of a game which would 
 have been called "Can crusher", but I couldn't get the collision
 detection to work ok in time ;(. All demos are running in 
 ntsc mode at a steady 60 frames per second. Sometimes 
 there is a small drop in framerate, but only on one place it is
 noticeable. Pal would make them run at 50 fps which would 
 take away some fx such as timings. I think Paladin can make 
 them run in pal-mode. If not, I will make ips-patches for 
 pal-video modes. I didn't have the time to perfectionalize 
 everything. I had a lof of fun by NOT clearing the cfb, 
 but the fact of the matter is you have 2 buffers, 
 which need to have the same contents, else some stuff 
 might look like it's vibrating. U'll see in the demo.
 I had a fix, but it was way too slow to keep teh demo at 60 fps.
 Now to everyone who stopped reading, hope you enjoy my entry, to 
 everyone who does read this, thnx for taking the time.
 Last thing, sources will be out soon.

 Good luck to all other coders.

 Greetings to :

 LaC, Stan, Twinsen, Locke, Nagra, Jovis, Fractal,
 Datawiz, Oman, Silo, Kidstardust, Rene, Sispeo, Ste,
 Actraiser, Hartec, Redbox, Titanik, Wildfire, Loom, 
 Steve, Neptune, Tazdevil, Rip, Nil, EarthQ, Count0,
 Kemuri, Renderman, Cforman, Hotblack, Ravemax, Lem.

 Special thanx to :
 Widget, for beta-testing, helping me out, still doing some good 
  work for Dynamix (this deserves a T-shirt :).
 LaC, for lettine me use the best modplayer for the n64 -= LaCmod =-.
 Renderman, for graphics.
 Frac, for graphics.