== DemoParty info ==
Author : ZooN
Compo : Wild (Hors concours)
Viewing : fullscreen ! =)

Introduction :

This Wild has been first released at the SYNTHESIS 4
and really improved to the final version for the Slach Party 5 !

I wasn't there, but I UpLoaded it from home.
I will maybe never see the people reacting on this
video on the big screen, sad .... so, thanx to send 
feedback at zoon@ifrance.com =)

History :

This Wild demo was born 5 years ago,
when I was working on a post-production
video society for some french TV.
I was working on a "Bêtisier" movie,
called "Ski Follies" and wanted to do my personal
version with the same videos.
I done it, at night time, with the society
hardware ( Immix VideoCube, powerfull station
in 1999 ) The result was recorded on a
BetaCam SP tape (professionnal format)
and has sleep in a dark area for a long time...
2003 : my PC has now enough power to work again
on this video... at home ! ;^)
so, let's release it as a Wild, with some bonus !
Here we go,
you've got the 60Mb file to view :^)

Some details on this work

I've tried lot of time to compress this
video with several codec like DivX, XviD,
MPEG4, etc. and never have a good result,
because this video has a lot of high motion
contents and need a perfect synchronisation
between sounds and video.
(This movies is a big shit without sound, for sure)

French Greetings :

Un énorme KooKoo à tous les potes de la scène
Amiga ( de 1989 à 1995 ! ), dont les ex-membres
de SILICON, qui se reconnaitront et à tous les
autres !
La bise au chat.

contact :


First version - 21 February 2004 - Synthesis 4
Final version - 6 Août 2004 - Slach Party 5