Žertva by Computer Platform Unlimited [web] & Musica Vitae

Zertva / C.P.U. Team & Musica Vitae
(Full music quality version)
Direct3D / 3Dfx Demo
2nd in the Wild category at Fiasko99
Homepage: http://fly.to/zertva

Differs from the Fiasko version: 
some bug fixes
the BASS sound system by Ian Luck
some minor changes (lightning, credits)

zertva.exe - Direct3D executable
gzertva.exe - glide executable

zertva.exe resx resy synchro

resx, resy
640 480
800 600
1024 768

1 = synchronized with music
0 = unsynchronized

Implicit settings are zertva.exe 640 480 1 
- it runs demo in 640x480 synchronized with music

Demo uses a very early version of the G3D engine.
No error messages are reported.