booth 2 by mfx [web]

                              mfx - booth2

 made for plutonium 2 democompo held in joku kylä(tm) / finland, summer 1999.

requires the usual stuff:
gus/sb (midas, woohoo!)
probably needs vesa (8bit b/w gfx though), try editing demo.ini
pentium (pref 133mhz+) is recommended, might not work on a 486
some memory (64megz of multimedia is ok, probably doesn't need over 32)


how to become an "artistic" demogroup.

or the bloody "why did we do it?" -explanation
(after this little fictional and educational story bit)

------ --- - - ---


First you need atleast some vaguely talented people, e.g a coder,
a musician and a gfx artist(optional, just get a digital camera):

         Getting members is the hardest part. I mean if you are a quake
         lamer and can't basically do shit (except configure your ATI
         at-2000pnp network adapter and a nameserver) you probably don't
         have a chance, but weird things are known to have happened...

Have members? Proceed...

Second, after you have your team ready go and get inspiration.

         This inspiration probably does not come from watching 2nd reality
         over and over.

         Inspiration comes from the fact that life sucks bigtime, you're
         better off dead, what's the point, others are better at everything,
         heavy industry rules, quakelamers are just..., why all the 3d in
         demos, c.s.i.p.d, c.s.i.p.d...

         an idea not tested yet: Trying to watch the blue bits of "Dope" by
                                 complex through red sunglasses and the
                                 red/orange parts through blue sunglasses
                                 might be worth a try.

         An advice: Watching se7en (brad & morgan) or any other "dark"
                    movie and trying to imitate the "feel" _doesn't_
                    work, we've tried!

         And don't ever rip H.R. Giger's imagery/paintings to your demo.
         (we've tried that too, it doesn't help either)

         Also, get drunk and/or use drugs if you want. Or you can just
         read religious scriptures and science fiction books, it's known
         to have helped.

         Watch only the demos which have fucked up gfx on your machine.

         Vary the brightness and contrast of your monitor fast enough
         to make a demo pulsate and blink.

Now, you got a vision? no?

Ok then: Just get your coder to code some shitty fx, go through
         his/her(unlikely) source code and change numbers at random.
         Make sure that the thing compiles though.

         Get the musician to do a song and then change some of the
         samples, use the alt-m command alot (if you are using ft,
         stop doing so) and convert some samples to amiga format
         (if your platform is pc, that is).

         Finally, swap the order sequence and delete lines from single
         tracks at random.

There, now you have your fx and music. The only thing thats missing are
the gfx:

         If you have a gfx artist, use photoshop on his/her pictures
         a lot. Mainly use the brightness/contrast adjustments and change
         the colors to really ugly brown/green/yellow type thingies.

         You could also try to add more sharpness to the images to make
         them look more evil.
         Now if you don't have a gfx artist: If you have a scanner, good.
                                             If you don't, surf the web(tm).

Got some weird pics now?

Ok, on with the show...

         Now this is the important part. Gather all your participating
         members to one location (prefarably the home of your main coder)
         and get really wasted. Use whatever substance you like, but
         remember that you really can't get good kicks out of milk and
         cookies (unless they're funny cookies).

Get your ideas rolling, put something on paper, code a little.

And fall asleep/pass out.

          Now, when you wake up and can't remember shit from the previous
          night, go and run your partially finished "artistic" demo/intro.

If you've done everything right, it should kick ass. Or maybe not.

------- ascii art, end of educational bit -------------

(a whispering voice speaks...)

start your favourite endscroller muzak...
(d. copperfield [by elite group "muleteer effect"] has a nice endscroller
tune suitable for this text)

(whispering voice ends, text appears below, moving slowly upwards)


coding: 216
music: uncle-x
gfx: digital camera, internet & photoshop

This production was made by 216 & uncle-x on a few separate occasions
in 1996 & 1999.

Total time used in the actual making of this demo was about 10 hours.

Amazingly we were completely sober during the making of this demo (unless
you count a few glasses of whisky and a few beers, but of course you
don't, atleast if you're finnish).

The point this demo tries to make, is, well... ok.  You can do
artistic looking crap in a relatively short time and you don't need
any real artistic talent (you've hopefully noticed that we don't have

We also wanted to greet everyone we have met during our 5 years in
the scene.

If you are missing from this demo (from the greets part, not the credits),
then we have forgotten your groups name and are terribly sorry. If, on the
other hand, you were a member of a group that is listed in this demo and
you know that the group does not exist any more, (or hasn't existed for,
like, 3 years) then we're just sorry.

No, we really tried to remember all the groups (past and present)
we have met during the years and decided to greet them all. Oh yeah.

So this is some sort of a greetro then?

Ok kids, time to go to bed.


216: jarnow@sci.fi
uncle-x: niko@invalidiliitto.fi