Acidrap by acidrain [web]


  Acid Rain at Demolition 3 info file. We wanted to make a demo.
  We need a coder. We need a graphician. We need a musician.


  This demo was done mostly at the party place while smoking grass and
  drinking alcohol. It shows. Module was raped by Melwyn and
  Warlan, code was destroyed by Tapeworm and pictures spoiled by
  our special party-boober Nemesulku and Melwyn. MaCe was responsible
  for that ugly spike ball.


  Hey! Now it's time for mega boring greetings part. Please push

  Damned would like to say: "I got nothing to do with this demo!"
        (and send some greetz: to all fuckin' humans).

  Melwyn would like to thank especially Johannes, Samuli and Terho.

  He wants to make also a way too long greetings list: Adept, Apatia,
  Arzi, ASA, Blackhead, Bluesman, Cpt, Damned, Deli, Demential,
  Dragoon, Fatality, Gila, Grond, Guardian, Hotwire, Hupeman,
  Jasu, Joker, Los, MaCe, Mefisto, Melwyn, MindEye, Nemesulku, Nosfe,
  Nuorzi, Parki, Primon, Rabbithead, ReDe, Samix, Snowcat, Sola, Spector,
  Tapeworm, Turboboo, Varanus, Virne, Viznut, Warlan, White,
  Wihannes, Znt and all I forgot. (Damned, this was supposed to be
  a _long_ list!) (Why in hell? Now you had to greet yourself... -Dmd)

  Nemesulku greetz Grond, Samix, Viznut, Cpt, Dragoon, Joker, Rabbithead,
  Varanus and Guardian.

  Tapeworm gtreetz Demential, BH, Viznut, Nuorzi, Wihannes, Znt..and YOU

  Acid Rain member status:

  ú Damned, code
  ú MaCe, graphics
  ú Mefisto, boozing, founder
  ú Melwyn, music, graphics, founder
  ú ReDe, code
  ú Tapeworm, code
  ú Warlan, music, founder


  Acid Rain releases, so far (in compos):

  ú Vompatti <Juhla PI, fastgfx compo, 1st>                  MaCe - 21.01.1996
  ú Daemon <Demolition '96 demo, 6th>                   Acid Rain - 28.04.1996
  ú Kaipuu <Demolition II '96 mod compo, 2nd>              Melwyn - 30.11.1996
  ú Period <Democracy '97 mod compo, 9th>                  Melwyn - 29.01.1997
  ú I'm Coming <Gathering '97 mod compo, 3rd>              Melwyn - 25.03.1997
  ú Tuulten Jumala <DML3 mod compo, 4th>                   Melwyn - 04.10.1997
  ú Rap demo <DML3 demo compo, 3rd>                     Acid Rain - 05.10.1997


  Acid Rain DOES have a WHQ:

  Manowar BBS - node #1: +358 (0)13 745 300 - v34+
                node #2: +358 (0)13 745 301 - v34

  and a dist. site:

  Rat's Nest  - node #1: +358 (0)13 824 465 - v34+