Explosive by Satire

[SATiRe]'s Explosive - Crash 1997 Compo Version

who did what:

  dynabyte      code

      fulg          code

              frost/dCb     graphics
                                character animation

                      zapper/f10    music

what you need:

  pentium 166       (or better)
    20mb ram          (approximative)
      sound card        (optional)
        fast video card   (or better)
          21-inch monitor   (or better)

contacing us:


DynaByte's notes:
First and foremost, I would like to thank the Crash organizers
for holding the only North American demo party this year.  I
enjoyed meeting you guys as well as all other people I talked
to and am looking forward to the next time I can shake your
hands (one hand per person).

I would like to thank the rest of my group, Fulg, Frost and
Zapper, for working their asses off until the last second to
release a way-above-standard kick-ass demo.  Your dedication
to excellence and perfection is what makes Satire what it is.

In addition, I would like to thank Swivel and Sylphyn for
letting Satire use their computers during a critical time.

There might be some confusion when it comes to the results of
the demo competition.  This is due to the fact that Vector's
demo is not a valid entry and is therefore disqualified from
the competition.  Apart from the fact that it crashed twice
when presented (that alone is enough for disqualification),
Vector's demo was run on his own Pentium 200 instead of the P166
that the rest of us contesters had to use.  Furthermore, Vector
had shown to everyone his demo accelerated on 3dfx prior to the
compo, making it look much better than it actually was.
Although this is not against the rules, this left the audience
with a false impression.

Overlooking all these facts, I feel the need to mention that
having DirectX 5 as a requirement to run a demo is the ultimate
lameness and stands against everything the demo scene stands for
and against the philosophy and ideology of any self-respecting
coder worth that name.

The updated results are the following:

1) Explosive / Satire
2) 7 Deadly Sins / Net Generation
3) Too Far / Scooter & Chaos (unsure)

Fulg's notes:
Thanks to HellFire for helping out at critical, stressful times :)

All 3D objects are original, except for the WipeOut XL track and ships
which were imported from the kick-ass PlayStation game of the same name.

For those who don't know, the "little green alien" is Bomberman, the
hero of the greatest multiplayer game ever!

Frost's notes:
"No comment."

Zapper's notes:
Here's a quick soundtrack, tracked, composed and sampled in about 12-15
hours.  It was a total rush but it sounds okay.  You might think it
sounds weird sometimes in the demo, Fulg's IT support in MIDAS ain't
working 100% (well, 99%)  Panning troubles will be fixed in the release
version.  If you really want to fully experience the thing, load IT.EXE :)

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