fire in the sky by Come'N'Play

.. . ..  ...  .. .  .... ...   ... . . .
:. : :.; :..  ::.:   : ::::.  :. :.   :
:  : : . :..  :: :   : : ::.  ..:: . :

   F I R E    I N     T H E    S K Y

            code: calimero / come'n'play

 Hello to everybody,
first of all, sorry  for my bad english,
second:  this  is   my  first   128bytes 
intro,  in  fact  this  is  first  intro
in my life :)

 OK, lets start it:
use TOS       (MagiC wont exit properly)
put low-res TC (TV 320*200, VGA 320*240)
double-click on FIRE_ITS.TOS icon
wait fire to starts burn...
say: WOW!
use space for exit in any time.

 Thanx to:
Ahil/DDcc for
    instruction about asembler
Martin Steen for
    "Flames for Falcon030"
Tat/Avena for
    source of 128b intro 'arundhati roy'
Reservoir Gods for
    starting 128bytes madnes :)

 Greatings to:
all Atari and Amiga users.

bye                        calimero 1998

 Extra info:
we, my friend Zeljko  (that  is his real
name, btw my real name is Milan :) and I
(together we are: come'n'play), made new
game for Amiga and Atari. It's real-time
strategi   game   but   not  like  Total
Anhilation  or  Command & Conquer   it's
more  like Civilazation. For now we have
almost   finished   game   engine  (is't
isometric 3D engine) and  some graphics,
but we need  3D animation so if there is
anybody with fast machine and  with good
will he should conctac us! For more info
and preview screen shots read UnderCover
Magazin or Maggie.

\  Milan Kovac   ddcc@net.yu  (calimero)
 \  sys I : Atari Falcon030
  \  sys II: Mac PowerBook 5300
   \  sys III: Atari Jaguar 64 
    \  sys  IV: Atari STe