FootLoose by LiteWerx. [web]

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  Winner of the animation compo at summer encounter 1998

            Copyright (c) Lume Productions 1998


c r e d i t s

Conceptual idea      -  Kim Jensen

Storyboard           -  Ruben Borup
                        Kim Jensen

Modeling             -  Ruben Borup
                        Kim Jensen

Additional modeling  -  Michael Holm Andersen

Charactor animation  -  Ruben Borup

Camera and lighting  -  Ruben Borup
                        Kim Jensen

Soundtrack           -  Quincy Jones

Sound FX             -  Dennis Nørgaard

A/V Syncronization   -  Dennis Nørgaard

c o m p u t e r   e q u i p m e n t   u t i l i z e d

Dual Pentium II 266 MHz, 256 MB RAM
Dual Pentium Pro 200 MHz, 192 MB RAM
AMD K6 200 MHz, 128 MB RAM
Pentium 166 MHz, 128 MB RAM

c o n t a c t

You may contact us via email or visit our web sites

All members          -  all@litewerx.dk
Kim Jensen           -  kim@litewerx.dk
Ruben Borup          -  ruben@litewerx.dk
Dennis Nørgaard      -  dennis@litewerx.dk

Web sites            -  http://www.litewerx.dk